Smooth animation using DHTML

Quick introduction

Since everything linked from here totals around 150kB I'll try to be short. The quickie version of the report is of course found in the summary, so read that if you're in a hurry. There's some interesting results to be found in the various test results though, so if you're serious about developing DHTML animations you should probably read the whole thing.

I've tried to make this easy to read, fast to download and user friendly, so there's only simple HTML here. Hopefully you'll like the experience. Drop me a line if there's anything you've read that you'd like to comment.

Table of Contents


Part 1, The Introduction

Part 2 - Creating the test

Part 3 - First tests

Part 4 - setInterval()

Part 5 - myDelay()

Part 6 - Summing up and concluding


All tests

Summary of systems used & test results

Revision history

Version 1.0.1, 1999-11-16
Updated all animation tests with a small change in begin_test() to correctly get the number of times to run the test. Did not affect test results at all.
Version 1.0, 1999-11-12
Released the whole report.

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