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Self portrait - 1993

Portrait of me, being lost in the fog

I think fog is the most common weather phenomenon on Jan Mayen. Large periods of summer and autumn parts of Jan Mayen may be hidden in fog. Due to magnetic anomalies in the volcanic bedrock, the compass can be of variable usefulness. When the picture was taken I was going from the western side of the island to the eastern side, but ended up where I came from.
The island is 54 km long and from 2.5 to 15 km wide, but in spite of the small size the weather phenomena on Jan Mayen may be very variable, with bright sunshine on the western side of the island and dense fog on the other side. The wind can change from calm to a gale in minutes. On eastern side of the island there can even be dust/sand-storms in the summer because of Sørlaguna (the Southern Lagoon) dries out and leaves a sandy plain of about 10 x 2 km. The picture is taken in the area, where it is marked on the clickable picture, by my friends Inga and Dag.

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