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Update 22/02/05: Two new catacombs piercers added to the Glowy Piercers section.

Update 02/02/05: Lots new piercers from Catacombs added.

Update 11/07/04: Three new piercers in the glowy piercers section.

Update 07/16/04: New maps, finished weapon crafting, a couple of new piercers.

Update 05/05/04: Another piercer added.

Update 04/30/04: Added a chart of the new weapon dyes available on Pendragon.

Update 04/29/04: Legendary weapons and blunts added to weaponcrafting. Credits added.

Update 03/12/04: Added the new alchemy-only dyes now on Pendragon to the Dye color section.

Update 02/25/04: Two more piercers added, again.

Update 02/20/04: Two new piercers added to the piercers section.

Update 02/17/04: Two new piercers added and started on weaponcrafting, but only covered blades so far.

Update 11/29/03: Another new piercer, and added a reference page with material cost in Hibernia. Alchemy and spellcrafting components not yet finished.

Update 11/21/03: Got my hands on two new piercers.

Update 11/09/03: Added maps.

Update 11/02/03: Added a page with the atlantean alphabet.

Update 10/26/03: Got a little tired of the same old site that I never seemed to have time with so I decided to do a major cleanup and give it a face lift.

Update 07/15/03: Added Mercenary Iuskedaro to the list of kill task givers in Hibernia. Thanks to K. Steel for the addition.

Update 04/23/03: School is unfortunately taking most of my time, but a quick update. Thanks to Asteroth X for adding Lieutenant Arella to the list of kill tasks in Avalon.

Update 02/11/03: Just a quick update of the midgard kill tasks in Aegir. School is taking alot of time so I haven't been able to do much on this site the last weeks. Hopefully I'll catch up soon.

Update 01/26/03: The frst items from Albion is up in item graphics. More to come soon. Working on alot of different things right now, and school starts tomorrow.

Update 01/25/03: Alot of updates today. Added a few pages I haven't really started on yet, but I plan or hope to finish them up soon. Also got started on the maps, and the first ones are up with more coming.

Update 01/23/03: One more thing I'd like to say. This is my first experience with a web site. The site has been up for a while, but I've mostly been using it as a reference for me and my friends. I didn't realize people were actually visiting this site, but I love the idea. I'll continue to update as often as I can, but the university will take away most of my time I'm afraid. Hopefully I'll have enough time left to play this game and maintain my site <crossing fingers>.

Update 01/23/03: Started exploring Avalon and have added a few guards to the list of kill task givers. More coming soon.

Update 01/22/03: Been exploring Aegir these last days and updated the kill task listing with a few new guards. More coming soon. I'll start my adventures in Avalon too this evening.

Update 01/18/03: Took out some of the pages for update (maps, factions etc.). Hope to have them up again very soon. And please give me feedback. Things I'm missing?, anything I got wrong?, etc. I love to hear from you.

Update 01/18/03: As I recently switched to the us servers Linnie is retired, and I updated the site to reflect this.

Update 12/21/02: Kill tasks in Hibernia: Eimile in Ardagh was incorrectly put in the 4th cycle. Corrected to be 3rd cycle. Thanks to Tiefling for pointing it out.

This page was last modified: 2/22/2005

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