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Andenesgruppen av NRRL

Postboks 149 - N-8480 - Andenes,
located 300 km north of the artic circle in
the Lofoten and Vesteraalen islands
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"Andenesgruppen av NRRL" is the local clubstation for radio-amatuers i Andenes and the local area. The club is located in Rich. Withsgt. 1 and was started in 1973 here in Andenes . We are  today 12 members.
Interested in a sked ? Send an E-mail and we will give it a try !



Links to:

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Sunspot cycles

Gateway to HAM-links

If you are looking for our QTH on the map you will find Andoy island about 300 km north of the artic circle in the Lofoten and Vesteraalen islands. The locator is JP89BH and the position is 69.18 deg. north and 16.04 deg. east.

When we are active on the bands we are using the following equipment:

HF.....: Kenwood SSB TX/RX 100w PEP - MFJ Versa turner - Vertical.

VHF..: Kenwood all modes.

DATA: All mode controller for Packet,Amtor and RTTY.

PC....: Pentium 133, 1.2Gb HD, 16Mb RAM for HAM radio.

Often used freq on HF are 3.710Mhz LSB, 14,012 CW and 14,200 SSB, local tfc VHF 144,995 Packet and on our repeater R3 rx 145,675 / tx 145,075 Mhz FM.

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