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Information and history about Voss.
Kari Traa

Kari Traa
Foto: S. Ulvund

2 OL medaljar
- Sylv i Torino 2006, kulekøyring
- Bronse i Nagano 1998, kulekøyring
- Gull i Deer Valley 2002, kulekøyring

7 VM medaljar
- Sølv 1999 i Sveits, kulekøyring
- Sølv 1999 i Sveits, paralell-kulekøyring
- Gull 2001 i Canada, kulekøyring
- Gull 2001 i Canada, paralell-kulekøyring
- Gull 2003 i USA, kulekøyring
- Gull 2003 i USA, paralell-kulekøyring
- Sølv 2005 Finland, paralell-kulekøyring

World Cup:
33 - 1. plassar
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You find VOSS in Western Norway, more precisely 60 39' North and 6 26' East. VOSS is not a big place, there live about 6000 citizens in downtown, and 14000 in the county of VOSS.

Voss (Vossevangen) is situated in the heart of Western Norway. It lies on the
northern edge of Vangs Lake and nestles in a picturesque setting amongst snow covered peaks.

Communications are good with regular train services to Bergen and Oslo. Bergen is approximately 1 hour by train and a mere 90 minutes by road. From Oslo the train traverses the Hardanger Plateau the roof of Norway in 5 h 30 min.

Voss community is one of the largest boroughs in the county of Hordaland.


    The first travellers came to Voss more than 3000 years ago. They were hunters and gatherers looking for a place to settle. In Voss they found fertile green valleys, numerous fishing lakes and mountains with an abundance of wildlife.

    This natural wealth formed the basis for the development of a prosperous farming community where rich traditions took root.

    At one of the local farms, Finne, a guildhall was built around the year 1250. Finnesloftet is today part of the collection that is administered by the National Historical Society King Olav the Holy visited the settlement of Voss in 1023 to convert the pagan villagers to Christianity. The King erected a stone cross, St. Olav's Cross, as a symbol of the new belief in the region. The cross is to be seen in the centre of Voss.

    Uniquely situated between Sognefjord in the north and Hardangerfjorden in the south, Voss lies at the heart of fjord Norway. A short journey from Voss brings you to aweinspiring fjords and mountains, with Flåmsbanen and Hardangervidda in the east. Travelling westwards you will arrive at Bergen with its Bryggen and Troldhaugen.

    Voss retains its cultural heritage with a living tradition in handcrafrs. Modern industries; working in wood, silver and textiles build on techniques and designs dating back to ancient times.

    Folkmusic thrives through the Ole Bull Academy, founded in 1977. In 1995 the Vossajazz music festival celebrates its 22nd anniversaty.

    Winter sports have a natural home in Voss. Alpine, crosscountry, biathlon and freestyle; Voss has them all. Voss prides itself in being represented in the 1994 winter Olympics by having six athletes on the Norwegian National Team. For the adventurous visitor, Voss can offer hang-gliding, paragliding, mountaineering and rafting. For those seeking peace and tranquility in a natural setting Voss offers flyfishing in approximately 500 lakes or a memorable stroll in the mountains.

    Voss is primarily an agricultural area, but secondary industries such as commerce, communications, education and tourism, provide our guests with the product-variation which makes a holiday interesting.

    Voss Centre is approx. 56 meters above the sea level and is situated at the end of the lake "Vangsvatnet" and is the administrative centre of Voss. Centre of communications, commerce and education for large surrounding district.

    King Magnus the Law Mender ordered the building of a church in Voss in the year 1200, Voss Church (Vangskyrkja), Lutheran. It`s situated right in the centre of Voss. Built in 1271-77, this stately, grey, stone-church with its octagonal wooden spire is without doubt one of the most remarkable in Western Norway. The stone walls of the church are 2 meters thick in places and the richly decorated interior boasts medieval and renaissance art. Voss church is almost in daily use - for sermons (every Sunday at 11 a.m.) and all other ecclesiastical services, concerts etc.

    VOSS is also well known in Scandinavia for its fine skiing facilities. We have lot of ski slopes up in the mountains here.
Lars Bystøl

Lars Bystøl
Foto: S. Ulvund

- Gull normal bakke Torino 2006
- Bronse stor bakke Torino 2006
- Bronse laghopp Torino 2006

- Laggull skiflyging 2006
- Bronse laghopp 2003
- 4. plass stor bakke 2005

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- 1. fyrste plass
- 1. andre plass
- 2. tredje plassar

Kristen Skjeldal

Kristen Skjeldal
Foto: S. Ulvund

1. plass stafett Salt Lake City 2002
- 3. plass 30 km, Salt Lake City 2002
- 1. plass stafett Albertville 1992

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- 10 individuelle
- 2 stafettgull

World Cup:
- 4 plass samanlagt i verdscupen 2001/2002