Super Othello 2.3.2 (shareware, $15)
Super Othello lets you play against a human opponent, your Mac or watch the Mac play against itself. You can choose from eight different levels of intelligence, ranging from beginner to super intelligent. In addition to this, the ability to save and resume games can come in handy, as well as logging games for later reviewal. If you are unfamiliar with the game and its rules, Super Othello comes with an online tutorial which takes you through the basic consepts of flipping chips.

This new version of Super Othello lets you see legal moves, undo moves, and allows for a much higher degree of threading. The new 3D-rendered 16- and 8-bit graphics are really beautiful to watch, and the new interface adds to the atmosphere.

Super Othello requires any Mac or compatible (an 030 processor is recommended) equipped with 1800kb of RAM, a display capable of displaying atleast 256 colors and approximately 1.6 mb of diskspace. Super Othello is fully compatible with MacOS 8 and 8.5. Super Othello has graphics optimized for 16-bit (thousands of colors) displays.

Version 2.3.2 incorporates the prefs-saving bug fix, as well as a redesigned about box and a new intelligence level. The new intelligence level, called Experimental, is recursive, meaning that it attempts to think forward. In some cases it is better than the Super Intelligent level, so the best way to find out is to try!

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Homepage of Aleph, the 3D-rendering application used to create the beautiful graphics used in Super Othello

System 7 or later
Any Macintosh (030 recommended)
2 mb RAM

Super Othello 2.3.2
(965 kb, BinHex)
SO 2.3.0->2.3.1 update
(50kb, BinHex)
SO 2.3.1->2.3.2 update
(242kb, BinHex)
SO 2.1 for HyperCard
(87kb, BinHex)

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