Some Random model railroad track plans


Quite a few people spend time looking for a ready made track plan that will fit their space right "out of the box" - they are looking for a ready made track plan that is exactly the size they want their track plan, instead of designing their own track plan based on their own wants and needs.

Personally, I feel this is a suboptimal solution - track plans should be tailor made to fit the goals of the builder/owner/operator (which often is the same person).

But I acknowledge that sometimes it may be useful to look at what other people have done to see if it might spark ideas of our own in all of use - whether they be things we want to try or things we want to stay away from :-)

So here follows a more or less random collection of various track plans I have posted in various track planning discussions on the net since 2005 or so.

Updated 2011-12-07

4 1/2' x 18" - 3 examples

6'x1' "6-foot-example"

6'x20" "Produce terminal"

7'x18": "64th Street Yard"

8'x1' Linda Sand's Sherman layout from MR

8' x 1' N scale CEECO Repair facility

8'x15": "Ness Street yard" (based on "Shortliner" Jack Trollope plan):

8'x15": 32nd Street industries

8'x15": 32nd Street - take 2

8.5'x2': Federal overpass

8'x2' feet: Yuengling Brewery:

8'x2': "itdan"

8x2 feet: Shiner, Texas

8x2 feet: smalltown yard on Jack Gutsch MSt&L layout:

10 feet x 18" - "Virginia City":

10'x2': Atlantic and Western 3 (Jonathan Jones plan, mod by Byron Henderson)

10 feet x 2 feet - "Potosi, MO"

10'x8' L shaped "Lance Mindheim switching layout"

10' x 8' doughnut shaped layout "Corydon"

11' x 3' layout in a walk-in closet "Shamrock Avenue, Fort Worth"

11'x9'L shaped layout inspired by Robert Beaty's (Arjay1969) home layout

11'x15" Ulrich new 1d:

11'x32" "army base"

11'x11' "justin urban layout"

12 x 2 feet - containers and car transport cars in Bergen:

12 x 2 feet - "Central of New Jersey float yard"

12 x 2 feet - two section "Hartland, WI":

14 feet x 30" "Bay Junction" (based on MR project plan):

15 feet x 15" - Old Granddad Whisky Destillery:

15 x 2 feet - "kevin58_01"

17'x2' "Silver Springs"

Old content

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Omaha Road in the Warehouse District

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SpaceMouse contest entries

Various other small 2x8 foot modules

2 x 10 shelf layouts

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