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Karma is of two kinds: that which binds and that which helps toward Emancipation and Self-realization.
— Meher Baba

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The Karma That Truly Counts
The karma that truly counts comes into existence after a person has developed a sense of distinction between good and bad.
Ivy O. Duce: Karma
A debate has been going on for centuries about whether we have free will.
The Law Of Karma
While he was walking towards the market place that day, a thought came to mind: I am getting older, and the world seems to be changing, there doesn't seem to be the same compassion and pity in people as previously.
Realize What I Want You To Know Now
Awake now and save yourself from further entanglement in the maze of delusion and self-created suffering, which is dependent upon your ignorance of the true goal.
Veil-Making Machine
Baba means to liberate us, so let us not inhibit his work by saying, "I can't do that now. I'm bound with all these things, and it's going to take ages to grow out of them."
People Have A Right To Be Asleep
There is a time for sleeping which is a major part of our millions of lives.

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