The Crow Trap


This is a sketch I've made for some guys at rec.hunting of a trap that is used for trapping crows in Scandinavia. The best about it is that you can catch a lot of crows at the same time, and the more crows inside the trap, the more you catch... It's easy to build, easy to maintain, and traps well. In fact, I've heard of guys that have trapped hundreds of crows with this trap in a few months.

A short description.

The trap has four walls, and an upside - down "roof", all covered with netting. Preferably something stronger than chicken netting, due to other predators (fox, badger etc) that tries to get in. In the middle of the upside down roof, there's a removable ladder with two steel wires underneath. Remember to make a "door" in the netting somewhere, so that you can access the trap without taking it apart !

It works like this.

The trap is baited with things you know crows will eat. This can vary from place to place. Over here, we usually use dead pigs or intestines from deer or elk. All kinds of trash can be used.

The crows see this "food" and come over to the trap. They jump down between the steps of the ladder and past the steel wires. However when they decide to get out again, they can't fly between neither the wires nor the steps in the ladder. Often, the crows hang upside down inside the trap when you check it.

Tips on how to trap.

There are several things that are important, that I can't help you with. Of course you have to get the materials, netting etc. yourself. Can't help you there...

One other thing is the bait. What does crows usually eat in your area ? Is there something that you think they'll love ? Try it out. Experiment !

Then there's the location. Don't pick a spot in the middle of an open area. The best spots are usually by lakes or streams, on an open spot where the crows can see a distance, but have shelter from predatory birds of the surrounding vegetation. Also remember that you should check the trap at least once a day - it's easier when you can see the trap from the road, or just walk a short distance.

Another good tip is to leave the trap open for some time before you place the ladder ontop of the trap. Don't be afraid to feed them, they'll return after you've placed the ladder over the trap.

Once you've started catching crows you should always leave a couple in the trap when you empty it. It makes the others feel more secure and they'll be easier to catch. Also remember that you never kill any crows inside the trap. The other crows will see this, and won't go near the area again. Put on thick gloves, put the crows in a sack, and take them away from there.

Good luck with your trapping ! Comments, improvements, suggestions and experiences welcomed ! (So is cash...)


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