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This page is for links to the various kinds of sites that helped me create these pages.
There are thousands of resources out there and I have wasted countless hours scanning sites for
something useful. The following links are what I consider to be the best materials sources on the web !
Visit these "Stars" and save yourself a lot of time and money (they are free).


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Star Scheduled Departures & Graphic Links !
AnistarThe Mousepad AnistarKitty Roach Animated graphics AnistarCatStuff
AnistarBeware of Cat AnistarIcon Bazaar Anistar2Cool Animation's
AnistarBackgrounds by Stormi AnistarA Touch Of Country AnistarBilly Bear's Playground
AnistarKristy's Desktop Creations AnistarMike Shaikun's Anim. Gifs AnistarWagontrain Anim. gifs
AnistarPaulīs PSP help AnistarRalphs Javascript Lessons AnistarMoyraīs Web Jewels
AnistarWinZip AnistarIpswitch AnistarAllaires Homesite
AnistarReidunīs PSP links AnistarGraphics Palette/Compression Tools Anistar Lissa Explains
AnistarHTML Goodies AnistarÅsas PSP - Tips & Tricks Anistar Dynamic Drive
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Star Tools and Free Page Stuffers
AnistarJavascript AnistarThe Java Script Source AnistarThe Freesite
AnistarSpin Guestbook AnistarAnimate Page Online - animator AnistarJava Boutique
AnistarGuestworld Guestbook AnistarDreambook AnistarToast Guestbook
AnistarParadise Guestbook AnistarGeocities AnistarOnline Banner Creations
AnistarKMO - AnistarSusieīs Place - Fonts AnistarThumbdrive
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Star Site Promotion
AnistarAdd Me AnistarNet-on's Banner Exchange AnistarSite of the Week
AnistarBanner Swap AnistarSmartClicks AnistarThe Whoa Awards
AnistarBannerad AnistarHousernet AnistarLink Exchange
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Star Midi files
AnistarLauraīs Midi Heaven AnistarMidi File Central AnistarJack's Shack
AnistarThe Midi Express AnistarThe Classical Midi Archives AnistarGrandpa Schoberīs Midis
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Star Mixed Links
AnistarMicrosoft Norge AnistarJillīs Cyberdelic Heaven AnistarAlta Vista: Translations
AnistarImsi - ArtTodayOnline Anistar Anistar
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