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"Heepsteria 2" will be either a single or a dbl CD with songs performed by Heep fans in various bands all over the world as a tribute CD to Uriah Heep following up the success of the first Uriah Heep tribute CD Heepsteria.

NB!!! Deadline is passed, and we cannot accept more songs except for the oustanding songs that are not submitted according to the agreement with the producer of the CD!!

General Rules and Conditions
Personal advice
How to join
How and where to send your CD
Bands/artists and songs
Songs that may not be chosen

General Rules and Conditions:

1. IMPORTANT!! The recordings and performances must be of good quality and standard of performance , i.e. recorded in a studio with decent equipment and submitted in digital format by the deadline date which is now End December 2004. There's no guarantee that every song sent in will be in the tribute CD!

2. A Maximum of 2 songs per band.

3. No song can be performed more than once. It's not allowed to choose songs used in the first "Heepsteria" CD either. The song list for "Heepsteria" is shown at the bottom of this page.

4. Requests for songs will be taken on a first come, first served basis however the progress of the recordings will be monitored and if cannot be completed on time then the song will be made available to be performed by another band .

5. Any disputed songs will be decided upon mutually between the bands, myself and/or the producer.

6. The final decision on all tracks will be decided by the Red Steel Music (the Producer). Hence if there are too many songs for filling up a single CD, the producer must select and leave out some songs!

7. It is not a requirement that the songs are performed exactly in the same style as Uriah Heep does. This will allow each band to perform the songs using their own interpretation of the music. Have fun as well recording the Heep !!

Personal advice:

1. Play the songs in the key that suits your singer. Do not necessarily play the songs in the same key as Heep do.

2. Electric instuments are not mandatory. It would be great if few songs could be recorded e.g. unplugged as long as point 1 in the rules section above is fullfilled. See also point 7.

3. Those of you who have selected large scale songs, please limit them down to sensible length and do not enlarge them unnecessarily due to space limit on the disks. There will be lots of songs sent in.

How to join:

Not possible any more. Closed!.

How and where to send your CD/DAT:

The CD/DAT must be labelled with information on band name, song title and time! TIME MUST BE ADDED to ease the producer's work. The producer can possibly IGNORE all CDs/DATs which haven't got time on them!!!

Send your CD/DAT (I prefer CD myself!) to:
Per Rannug,
Brusletta 28,
N-2016 Frogner,

Bands/artists and songs:

NB! I can make link to your band's home page under the band name if you give me the URL!

Explanation of the field Status:
Unknown = Status unknown due to e.g. no e-mail contact,
nothing heard from the artist/band or no song is selected yet
Planning = The band/artist has not yet commenced the production of the song,
but has contacted me to announce a time frame and a schedule for it
Producing = The band/artist is recording/mixing/completing the song
Submitted = I have received the song from the artist/band
Delivered = The song is sent to the producer
Withdrawn = Withdrawn due to many reasons like equipment damaged, stolen or
set on fire, musicians are ill or blocked in any way from performing, cancellations, band
split up or whatever reason that causes the withdrawal

Name of Band Country Song Proposed (Max 2 songs per Band) Status
SOL USA So Tired Submitted
Travellers in Time USA Valley of Kings Submitted
Dale Fredericks Echoes in the Dark Unknown
Gloam Devil's Daughter Delivered
Rockekara (??) Norway Lady in Black Planning
PLT Norway Something or Nothing Submitted
Don Nafe Canada Poet's Justice Submitted
Rick Rose Canada (What's Within My Heart)/Rainbow Demon?? Producing
Cosmic Smiles UK Cross That Line Planning
Wonderworld Norway Weep In Silence Submitted
Asha Spain The Wizard (instr.)
Spider Woman
Heads Up Norway Against The Odds Submitted
Circle of Hands Germany The Park Submitted
Circle of Hands Germany I'll Keep On Tryin' Submitted
Hagen Sweden Sweet Freedom Planning
Uriah Quiz Sweden Your Turn To Remember Planning?
August King USA Sell Your Soul Submitted
August King USA Blind Eye Planning
David Powell USA Tears In My Eyes Submitted
The Shaw Project USA Where Did You Go Submitted
Phil Naro Canada What Should Be Done Planning
Joel Van Vliet Canada Dream On Submitted
Swedish Whistler Sweden Footprints In The Snow Submitted
'eavier than 'umble Finland Question Submitted
The Heepheads USA Suicidal Man, Heep Rocks Submitted
The Black Flowers Italy What Can I Do Submitted

Songs that may not be chosen:

The songs used on the first Heepsteria were:

(DIFFERENT versions of the songs used in "Heepsteria" CAN be accepted though, but no guarantee they will be in...)

Bird of Prey
The Wizard
Real Turned On
July Morning
- Return To Fantasy
- Magician's Birthday*
- Wonderworld*
Sweet Lorraine
That's How I Am
Come Back To Me
The Other Side Of Midnight
Easy Livin'
All My Life
Circle Of Hands
Look At Yourself
The Soldier
No Other Way
River Of Dream
Time To Live
Rainbow Demon
Love Machine
The Easy Road
Come Away Melinda
I Wanna Be Free
Return To Fantasy

* = The Songs "Wonderworld" and "The Magician's Birthday" may be used since they only appeared in a medley on the first "Heepsteria" with shorter versions in that medley.


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