String utilities

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ddeblank  -  Double deblank. Strip both leading and trailing blanks.
ddewhite  -  Double dewhite. Strip both leading and trailing whitespace.
dewhite  -  Dewhite. Strip trailing whitespace.
rot13  -  Rot13 (Caesar) encryption.
rstrrep  -  Recursive string replacement.
sizestr  -  Return size of array as a string.
strcenter  -  Center each line of text.
strflushleft  -  Flush left each line of text.
strflushright  -  Flush right each line of text.
strjoin  -  Join strings in a cell array.
strlexcmp  -  Lexicographic comparison of two strings.
strlexeq  -  Lexicographic equal to.
strlexge  -  Lexicographic greater than or equal to.
strlexgt  -  Lexicographic greater than.
strlexle  -  Lexicographic less than or equal to.
strlexlt  -  Lexicographic less than.
strlexne  -  Lexicographic not equal to.
strsplit  -  Split string into pieces.
substr  -  Extract a substring out of a string.
unrot13  -  Rot13 (Caesar) decryption.
untabify  -  Convert tabs to spaces.

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