Statistics utilities

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cloglog  -  The complementary log log transformation.
corrmat  -  Correlation matrix.
corrsort  -  Sort elements in a variance matrix by correlation.
covmat  -  Covariance matrix.
empcdf  -  Empirical cumulative distribution function.
icloglog  -  The inverse complementary log log transformation.
ilogit  -  The inverse logit transformation.
iqrange  -  Interquartile range.
isvarmat  -  True for variance matrix input.
logit  -  The logit transformation.
mad  -  Mean absolute deviation from the mean.
meanvar  -  Mean and variance of a data set.
medmad  -  Median absolute deviation from the median.
nanmean  -  Mean of elements ignoring NaNs.
nansum  -  Sum of elements ignoring NaNs.
order  -  Order statistics.
perctile  -  Percentiles.
quantile  -  Empirical (sample) quantiles.
randw  -  Weighted random numbers from discrete distribution.
range  -  Return the range of the elements of an array.
ranks  -  Sample ranks.
scalevar  -  Scale variance matrix.
spherernd  -  Uniformly distributed random numbers in/on a unit sphere.
var2corr  -  Variance matrix to correlation matrix conversion.
varchk  -  Perform extensive checking on a variance matrix.
varfact  -  Robust variance matrix factorization.
varmat  -  Variance matrix.

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