Complete index of MATLAB utilities

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acosdeg  -  Inverse cosine with degrees as unit.
acosgrad  -  Inverse cosine with gradians as unit.
acoshplus1  -  Inverse hyperbolic cosine of argument plus one.
acosplus1  -  Inverse cosine of argument plus one.
ascol  -  Return elements of an array as a column vector.
asindeg  -  Inverse sine with degrees as unit.
asingrad  -  Inverse sine with gradians as unit.
asrow  -  Return elements of an array as a row vector.
asvec  -  Return elements of an array as a vector.
atan2deg  -  Four quadrant inverse tangent of argument in degrees.
atan2grad  -  Four quadrant inverse tangent of argument in gradians.
atandeg  -  Inverse tangent of argument in degrees.
atangrad  -  Inverse tangent of argument in gradians.
atanminuspihalf  -  Inverse tangent minus pi/2.


base64decode  -  Perform base64 decoding on a string.
base64encode  -  Perform base64 encoding on a string.
bathyscape  -  See how deep we can recurse.
bindiff  -  Binary difference. Returns patchdata for BINPATCH.
binomcoef  -  Binomial coefficient.
blockdiag  -  Build a block diagonal matrix of the input arguments.
blockflipdim  -  Flip each block in an array along specified dimension.
blockfliplr  -  Flip each block in an array in left/right direction.
blockflipud  -  Flip each block in an array in up/down direction.
blockrot90  -  Perform 90 degree block rotation on arrays.
bounds2ind  -  Create index vector given bounds for index values.
byte2nybble  -  Convert bytes to nybbles.


cdtomfile  -  Change working directory to where a specified m-file is located.
cheb2poly  -  Chebychev polynomial of the second kind.
chebextr  -  Extreme values of Chebychev polynomial of the first kind.
chebpoly  -  Chebyshev polynomial of the first kind.
chebroot  -  Roots of Chebychev polynomial of the first kind.
cloglog  -  The complementary log log transformation.
commaint  -  Insert commas between each thousand in an integer.
corrmat  -  Correlation matrix.
corrsort  -  Sort elements in a variance matrix by correlation.
cosdeg  -  Cosine of argument in degrees.
cosgrad  -  Cosine of argument in gradians.
coshminus1  -  Hyperbolic cosine minus one.
cosminus1  -  Cosine minus one.
covmat  -  Covariance matrix.
cropbyval  -  Crop an array by
cuberoot  -  Compute cubic root and return real cubic root for real numbers.
cummax  -  Cumulative maximum of elements.
cyclefigs  -  Cycle through figure windows.


date2jd  -  Julian day number from Gregorian date.
date2mjd  -  Modified Julian day number.
date2unixsecs  -  Number of seconds since 00:00:00 1 January 1970.
dawson  -  Dawson's integral.
dayofmonth  -  Ordinal number of month in year.
dayofweek  -  Day of week.
dayofyear  -  Ordinal number of day in a year.
days2hms  -  Convert days into hours, minutes, and seconds.
daysinmonth  -  Number of days in a month.
daysinyear  -  Number of days in a year.
ddeblank  -  Double deblank. Strip both leading and trailing blanks.
ddewhite  -  Double dewhite. Strip both leading and trailing whitespace.
dewhite  -  Dewhite. Strip trailing whitespace.
distmat  -  Distance matrix.
distmat0  -  Distance matrix (no for-loops).
distmat1  -  Distance matrix (one for-loop).
distmat2  -  Distance matrix (two nested for-loops).
distmat3  -  Distance matrix (three nested for-loops).
divisors  -  All all possible divisors.


easterday  -  Easter day for a given year.
empcdf  -  Empirical cumulative distribution function.
epyt  -  Display a file backwards line by line (opposite of TYPE).
expminus1  -  Exponential minus one.


factorial2  -  Factorial function.
fibonacci  -  Fibonacci numbers.
file2cell  -  Convert a text file to a cell array of lines.
filecmp  -  Compare two files (binary comparison).
findcols  -  Find indices of a given column within a matrix.
findrows  -  Find indices of a given row within a matrix.
fixdec  -  Round towards zero with a specified number of decimals.
fixdig  -  Round towards zero with a specified number of digits.
flipalldims  -  Flip array along all dimensions.
fmap  -  Evaluate a function for each element of an array.
fnsdim  -  First non-singleton dimension.


gaussquad  -  Gaussian quadrature integration.
gaussquaddemo  -  Demonstration of Gaussian quadrature formula.
gcd2  -  Greatest common divisor of all elements.
gsexpand  -  Generalized scalar expansion.


hex_to_int16  -  Convert hexadecimal string to int16 number.
hex_to_int32  -  Convert hexadecimal string to int32 number.
hex_to_int8  -  Convert hexadecimal string to int8 number.
hex_to_uint16  -  Convert hexadecimal string to uint16 number.
hex_to_uint32  -  Convert hexadecimal string to uint32 number.
hex_to_uint64  -  Convert hexadecimal string to uint64 number.
hex_to_uint8  -  Convert hexadecimal string to uint8 number.
hexview  -  View a file in hexadecimal mode.
hms2days  -  Convert hours, minutes, and seconds to days.
hms2sec  -  Convert from hours, minutes and seconds to seconds.


icloglog  -  The inverse complementary log log transformation.
ilogit  -  The inverse logit transformation.
imcheck  -  Check an image and give an error if the image is invalid.
imfliplr  -  Flip an image left to right.
imflipud  -  Flip an image upside down.
imrot90  -  Rotate an image N*90 degrees anticlockwise.
imtype  -  Display information about what kind of image the data represent.
imview  -  Display an image.
int16_to_hex  -  Convert int16 number to hexadecimal string.
int2digits  -  Split an integer into digits.
int32_to_hex  -  Convert int32 number to hexadecimal string.
int8_to_hex  -  Convert int8 number to hexadecimal string.
iqrange  -  Interquartile range.
isalnum  -  True for alphanumerics (letters and digits).
isalpha  -  True for letters.
isascii  -  True for decimal digits.
iscolvector  -  True for column vector input.
isdate  -  True for valid dates (Gregorian calendar).
isdigit  -  True for decimal digits.
isdirectory  -  True if argument is a directory.
iseven  -  True for even numbers.
isinpath  -  True for directories in path
isint  -  True for integers.
isjdate  -  True for valid dates (Julian calendar).
isleapyear  -  True for leap years.
islower  -  True for lowercase letters.
ismatrix  -  True for matrix input.
isodd  -  True for odd numbers.
isposint  -  True for positive integers.
isprime2  -  True for prime numbers.
isprtchr  -  True for printable characters.
isrowvector  -  True for row vector input.
isscalar  -  True for scalar input.
issymmetric  -  True for square matrix input.
istime  -  True for valid times.
isupper  -  True for uppercase letters.
isvarmat  -  True for variance matrix input.
isvector  -  True for vector input.
isxdigit  -  True for hexadecimal digits.


jd2date  -  Gregorian calendar date from modified Julian day number.
jd2jdate  -  Julian day number to Julian calendar date.
jd2mjd  -  Modified Julian day number from Julian day number.
jdate2jd  -  Julian day number from Julian date.


latexmat  -  Generate LaTeX code for a matrix.
lcm2  -  Least common multiple of all elements.
locate  -  Locate one or more files in the search path.
locateold  -  Locate one or more files in the search path.
log1p  -  Natural logarithm of 1+x.
logbase  -  Logarithm with respect to specified base.
logbase10  -  Common (base 10) logarithm.
logit  -  The logit transformation.
logspace10  -  Logarithmically spaced vector.
logspace2  -  Logarithmically spaced vector.


mad  -  Mean absolute deviation from the mean.
mahaldist  -  Mahalanobis distance.
maskrepelem  -  Replicate elements according to a mask array.
matfilever  -  Return MAT-file version information.
meanvar  -  Mean and variance of a data set.
medmad  -  Median absolute deviation from the median.
mergearray  -  Merge all arrays in a cell array into a single array.
mjd2date  -  Gregorian calendar date from Julian day number.
mjd2jd  -  Modified Julian day number from Julian day number.
monthofyear  -  Ordinal number of month in year.
movsum  -  Moving sum.


nanmean  -  Mean of elements ignoring NaNs.
nansum  -  Sum of elements ignoring NaNs.
nchoose2  -  All combinations of N elements taken two at a time.
ndimgrid  -  Generation of arrays for N-D functions and interpolation.
ndmtimes  -  N-dimensional matrix multiply.
ndmtimes_loop_naive  -  N-dimensional matrix multiply.
ndmtimes_loop_optim  -  N-dimensional matrix multiply.
nextpow  -  Nextious power.
nextpowof10  -  Next power of 10.
nextpowof2  -  Next power of 2.
nthroot  -  Compute the n-th root of a real number.
numlexcmp  -  Lexicographic comparison of two numbers.
numlexeq  -  Lexicographic equal to.
numlexge  -  Lexicographic greater than or equal to.
numlexgt  -  Lexicographic greater than.
numlexle  -  Lexicographic less than or equal to.
numlexlt  -  Lexicographic less than.
numlexne  -  Lexicographic not equal to.
nybble2byte  -  Convert nybbles to bytes.


order  -  Order statistics.


path2cell  -  Convert search path to cell array.
path2file  -  Write the Matlabpath to a file, one directory on each line.
perctile  -  Percentiles.
pfilever  -  Return P-file version number.
poly2str  -  Return polynomial as string.
polyadd  -  Add polynomials.
polydiv  -  Divide polynomials.
polyint  -  Integrate polynomial.
polymul  -  Multiply polynomials.
polynder  -  Differentiate polynomial N times.
polynint  -  Integrate polynomial N times.
polypow  -  Multiply polynomials.
polyreloc  -  Relocate polynomial.
polyrescl  -  Rescale polynomial.
polysub  -  Subtract polynomials.
polytrim  -  Trim polynomial by stripping off leading zeros.
powerset  -  All combinations of elements taken from different vectors.
prcdiff  -  Percent difference.
prcoftot  -  Percent of total.
prevpow  -  Previous power.
prevpowof10  -  Previous power of 10.
prevpowof2  -  Previous power of 2.


qnan  -  Return a quiet (non-trapping) NaN.
quadroot  -  Return roots of a quadratic polynomial.
quantile  -  Empirical (sample) quantiles.


randline  -  Pick a random line from a file.
randlines  -  Pick a number of random lines from a file.
randw  -  Weighted random numbers from discrete distribution.
range  -  Return the range of the elements of an array.
ranks  -  Sample ranks.
real48_as_double_to_uint8  -  Convert doubles to Borland 6 byte reals (Real48).
real48_as_uint8_to_double  -  Convert Borland 6 byte reals (Real48) to doubles.
release  -  Return the MATLAB release number.
reparray  -  Replicate and tile an array or all subarrays of an array.
repelm  -  Replicate elements in an array.
resize  -  Resize arguments to specified size.
rot13  -  Rot13 (Caesar) encryption.
rotarray  -  Rotate array or subarrays.
rounddec  -  Round to a specified number of decimals.
rounddig  -  Round to a specified number of digits.
roundeven  -  Round towards nearest integer (pick even in .5 cases)
rstrrep  -  Recursive string replacement.


scalevar  -  Scale variance matrix.
sec2hms  -  Convert seconds to hours, minutes and seconds.
sexpand  -  Scalar expansion.
sinc  -  The function SIN(PI*X)/(PI*X).
sindeg  -  Sine of argument in degrees.
single_as_uint16_to_double  -  Convert single precision numbers to double.
single_as_uint32_to_double  -  Convert single precision numbers to double.
single_as_uint8_to_double  -  Convert single precision numbers to double.
singrad  -  Sine of argument in gradians.
sizestr  -  Return size of array as a string.
sortfigs  -  Sort figure windows in ascending order.
spherernd  -  Uniformly distributed random numbers in/on a unit sphere.
splitarray  -  Split an array into subarrays.
splitfile  -  Split a file into fixed-size pieces.
strcenter  -  Center each line of text.
strflushleft  -  Flush left each line of text.
strflushright  -  Flush right each line of text.
strjoin  -  Join strings in a cell array.
strlexcmp  -  Lexicographic comparison of two strings.
strlexeq  -  Lexicographic equal to.
strlexge  -  Lexicographic greater than or equal to.
strlexgt  -  Lexicographic greater than.
strlexle  -  Lexicographic less than or equal to.
strlexlt  -  Lexicographic less than.
strlexne  -  Lexicographic not equal to.
strsplit  -  Split string into pieces.
subdivide  -  Subdivide a matrix into several submatrices.
substr  -  Extract a substring out of a string.
swapdims  -  Swap two dimensions.


tandeg  -  Tangent of argument in degrees.
tangrad  -  Tangent of argument in gradians.
tanhminus1  -  Hyperbolic tangent minus one.
tanpluspihalf  -  Tangent of argument plus pi/2.
tilefigs  -  Tile all open figure windows around on the screen.
trimpath  -  Trim MATLAB's search path.
truncdec  -  Truncate to a specified number of decimals.
truncdig  -  Truncate to a specified number of digits.


uint16_to_hex  -  Convert uint16 number to hexadecimal string.
uint32_to_hex  -  Convert uint32 number to hexadecimal string.
uint64_to_hex  -  Convert uint64 number to hexadecimal string.
uint8_to_hex  -  Convert uint8 number to hexadecimal string.
unixsecs2date  -  Number of seconds since 00:00:00 1 January 1970 to date.
unpacknum  -  Unpack number into fraction and exponent.
unrot13  -  Rot13 (Caesar) decryption.
untabify  -  Convert tabs to spaces.
unwrapdeg  -  Unwrap phase angle in degrees.
unwrapgrad  -  Unwrap phase angle in gradians.


var2corr  -  Variance matrix to correlation matrix conversion.
varchk  -  Perform extensive checking on a variance matrix.
varfact  -  Robust variance matrix factorization.
varmat  -  Variance matrix.
vecfill  -  Fill last non-zero value into elements with zero value.


weekofyear  -  Ordinal week number.
weeksinyear  -  Number of weeks in a year.
where  -  List all locations of one or more MATLAB functions.
wrapdeg  -  Map angles measured in degrees to the interval [-180,180).
wrapgrad  -  Map angles measured in gradians to the interval [-200,200).
wraprad  -  Map angles measured in radians to the interval [-pi,pi).


xkron  -  Kronecker tensor product.
xrepmat  -  Replicate and tile an array.


yearnum  -  Ordinal year number.


zeroscls  -  Zeros array of a specified class.

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