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Radio Web with Wehrmacht-Radios 1935-1945
Interesting page for collectors.
Norwegian pages.English and German languages

           WWII Radios    LA6NCA

   Russian copy of Wehrmacht radios

Many seems be like "Wehrmacht"radios,as this   R-407

German Wehrmacht manpack radios

Feld Fu.b/c        Feld Fu. f       Torn Fu.g 
.The Russian P-407M is a single channel full duplex 2 or 4 wire radio-relay station using tubes.Frequency range 52-60MHz,channel spacing 50kHz. Modulation FM R/T.  Output Power 1 Watt. AF bandwidth 0.3-3.4kHz. Ringing tone 30-50Hz. Powered by two 2.4V rechargeable batteries

Inside R-407  : 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10






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