Here are there comming some Titanic picures I have collected on the internet.

Titanic in Southampton.

Jack with his paintingbook.

Jack and Rose shall eat dinner.

Party on third class.

Jack and Rose.

Jack and Rose have almost to svimming.

Party on first class.

Jack and his friend must reach the boat.

Now they have reached the boat.

Jack And Rose was dancing.

They mar lower life boats.

Another picture when they mar lower life boat.

A life boat.

Rose told the men what was happening.

They mar lower lifeboats.

There were a lots of water in the ship.

Jack and Rose were flying.

Titanic sank.

Jack eats dinner on first class.


Jack and Rose were afraid.

Rose and Jack.

In the dinner party.


One of the sailors is freezing

Jack and Rose are studie Jacks pictures.

Rose and her engage.

Rose and some beatuiful flowers.


Jack and Rose in the car.

Jack, Rose and their first kiss.

Jack and Rose are dancing.

Titanic is sinking.

Jack and Rose are kissing.

The water reach Rose and Jack up to the mave.

Rose and her mother.

Titanic sink.



The engage to Rose.

The engage to Rose.



Jack and Rose

one of the propeller.

A beatutifull picture of Titanic

Another beatuifull picture of Titanic.

Jack and Rose studies the picture Jack made for her.



a painting of Rose.

The stair


Rose and her diamant

Jack and Rose is freezing.

Rose and her engage.

Rose, it looks like you are angry.

Rose and Jack



Rose and her diamant.

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