Play Pac-Man Online in JAVA!

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The CottAGE emulator is is one of the best Java emulators I've seen out there. Why? Simply because it is based on the MAME sourcecode, it's the real thing! Of course, there are plenty of other good Java emulators out there aswell, but noone can ever really compare to the original. The speed seems accurate, and did I mention that it's free? Of course I just HAD TO put up my own page, and so could you! Or if you rather want to download it, and play it offline? I think this Java emulator will reach Atmospherical Heights! :)

Excerpt from the CottAGE homepage:
"CottAGE is a generic arcade emulator in Java. It is based on the famous MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) emulator which supports over 3000 arcade games. CottAGE aims to be the java equal of MAME in terms of compatibility, speed and features".

Essential KEYS used:
- Insert Coins by pressing the "5"-key.
- Press "1" for one player.
- Use the Cursor Keys for movements.
- Use "P"-key for Pause.

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