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Got my Taig lathe for a while ago with some extras. I started
with modification as the first project for the lathe.

Most of the mods have been spotted on the www and
not my orginal ide. This site show how I did it!

What I will improve/modify is following:

1. Make a longer handle for the level shaft
2. Change som of the hex nut with knobs
3. Improve the backlash
4. Make a index wheel mont on the headstock
5. Mounting for dial indicators
6. Leadscrew
7. Some minor mods

Thumbnail pictures of my lathe are cliqable for lager versions


1.2. Headstock is improved, new level arm and knobs
     All is alu.

3. This improve the backlash to allmost "0".
   One Delrin washer on each side of the leadscrew and
   a Delrin plug press on the leadscrew.

4. A index wheel 60 holes was cnc routed out in my homemade
   CNC router. A block of alu boredwith a pin to push into the
   wheel was also made. Function is very good.

5.Dial indicator mounting. Just a block of alu. bored to fit the dial indicator
   and  a hole hole in the cross slide.
  A small pin in the cross monted in the T slide can be adjusted all the way.
   Made a simple fit for my indicator on the headstock.
  Alu knob on the side of the dial is for locking cross slide, hole in C.S. is for adj.
  backlash.  Waiting to receive new dialindicators with 5cm metric travels.

6. Lead screw . I use a 8mm 1.25mm LH and a nut made of brass.This function so nice and
smooth. I have a plan to use a stepper motor or a simpler 12volt motor regulated for motorized
feed. Maybe it is not so far away to CNC the lathe.

Some general overview pictures of the Taig. Motor I use is DC and can be regulated from 0.RPM.


More later.

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