Image of Territory Flag   Greenland - YL expedition 2010
                16th - 20th September 2010

                          International YLs will activate amateur radio from Kangerlussuaq on Greenland.

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OZ7AGR Inger

LA8FOA Ingrid


F5RPB Evelyne

DJ6US Waltraud

SWL Verena


From the 16th to the 20th September 2010 there will be 6 YLs from different countries leaving for Greenland to activate amateur radio from Kangerlussuaq.

Look on the left side and you see the YLs going there. This expedition was planned by the operators, OZ7AGR,LA6RHA,IT9ESZ,F5RPB, LA8FOA and DJ6US, as far back as in 2000.  But during the years that have gone since then, things have happened which have prevented us from going through with our plans for this Greenland YL expedition. So we the participants are now very happy that we finally made it, even though it took us 10 years.

We will be on the radio with call OX6YL around the clock these days to try to give as many as possible  the chance of working Yls from OX -land on SSB and CW.

Some of the YLs have good training in expeditions and pile ups, some have less. But we will all do our best to serve as many radio amateurs as possible around the world. Let's only hope for good propagation whilst on Greenland.

With YLs from so many different countries we can serve you hams out there in addition to English,  also on Scandinavian languages, German, French, Italien and Spanish -  if needed.

We especially urge so many YLs as possible to come on HF these days.

Click on the flags to the left of each of the YLs and see their photos and read more about them in their own language and in English.

We will update these pages regularly towards our departure for Greenland.

33, 73 es 88 de Greenland YL expedition 2010.   

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