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 Christins Colargol [Barnaby/Jeremy the bear] page

This page is for all you englishspeaking Colargol fans around the world. Here in Norway the stopped sending Colargol in 1984. Of the three series made available for norwegian television, the one where Colargol was in the Wild West was never shown, to much violence for the Norwegian audience.... And it seems like they will never send it again...But I found a little clip from a show about all programs called "Bumerang" on NRK. 

My ColargolWhen I first started this Colargol page, I couldn't find anything about this cute little bear, not even a little picture. That was back in 1996. No more people seem to remember him, more pictures of him, more websites, and more mail to me asking about the bear, please make this page in english, where can I get Colargol stuff, more pictures. The only Colargol item I have is the bear himself, I has his eyes intact, but no collar. 

Olga Puchine created this character in the early 1970s, and in Norway there are at least 4 books available through the library system. I have borrowed all of them, and most of the pictures on this webpage is from them, one picture is from "Adresseavisen" (a newspaper here in Trondheim) where I was interviewed about my webside about Children Television in November 1998, and a picture from a book by Arne Hjeltnes about old heroes in Television.. The rest is from various sites around the Internet.  Albert Barillé wanted to make a television series about Colargol, the animator Tadeuzs Wilkoz brought him to life. 

Colargol and NordineHere your can find my collection of Colargol pictures

To download all the pictures and buttons and stuff on this page: colargol.zip

I would like to thank Yngve Arnesen for giving me a CD with Colargol, so I can make new samples of Colargol on mp3. Here is the old ones (in norwegian) mp3  Here you can also find English and French samples. 

On other thing, when you search for Colargol, you will probably meet this page: http://www.colargol.tihlde.org. This is the server for a college in Trondheim, Norway. They have a cute picture of Colargol in the banner though..

Voices: In Norway Rigmor Lange was Colargol. She even won "Spelemansprisen", a music award for the Colargol record in 1974.  The English voices: Colin Jeavons, Charles Collingwood, Gwenllian Owen, Percy Edwards

In Norway Colargol lives in Eventyrskogen (in English: Eventyr= Fairytale, skogen= Forest)

Norway: Colargol
France Colargol
Poland: Colargol
UK: Barnaby the Bear
Canada: Jeremy the Bear
Holland: Beertje Colargol



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