Tips On How to Tame Your Rat


There are many people who wonder what to do, so I will write my personal
rat-training tips. I haven't had any big problems with my rats, but have had
2-3 rats which needed a little extra training help.

If you buy a rat from a breeder you are more likely to get a tame rat than if
you buy one from a pet shop.But, never say never...I bought a rat from a pet
shop and she was very tame. ( the breeder who supplied the pet shop did a
good job)

I always use a specific sound when I want to get my rats' attention and that
works very well for me. It's a bit difficult to explain how I create the
sound, but I'll give it a try; I suck in air between my front teeth and make
a squeeking sound with my lips....It sounds like rat squeeks. You might think
this sounds a bit weird, but it works perfect with the rats I have now and
ones I have had in the past.My rats come in a big hurry when I "call"
them...whether to get a snack or be taken out of their cage. Even if they are
fast asleep they will come running when I make "our sound".

Rats vary, but almost all can be tamed. There are a few who refuse human
contact for various reasons. Maybe something scared the rat or hurt it when
it was young. Or, it could be nervousness in their genetic background,
although I don't think that happens very often.

Every rat has its' own personality. Some will be very easy to train while you
may have to work for weeks or months with others. When my rats are out of
their cage and allowed to roam free, they always come to me when I "call"
them. This is a good thing to to know for their safety and your convenience!
It took weeks to get my first rat really tame, but when I first started
working with it, I would spend an hour finding her when she was loose.She
liked to hide from me, but she became very tame after patient training. So,
after a few weeks she always came running to my special "call" no matter
where I was.

When you bring a rat home for the first time, take it out of the cage and
handle it as much as possible. Let it sit on your shoulder, play with it
often and give it treats that rats really like. You must be patient and a
little inventive about doing fun things with your rat. They are very smart
and love a challenge. You should try making a small agility trail for
climbing practice and exercise. Always keep in mind your rats' safety to
prevent it from getting hurt.

I think rats will become socialized to humans quicker if you place their cage
in the living or family room where humans spend lots of time. They will get
used to the normal human sounds around them. Avoid too much exposure to
cigarette smoke and loud music whenever possible. Move their cage to another,
quieter room when you are having a party.

Another thing, whenever you have guests who like rats let them play with your
rats if they wish. This is another good way to socialize rats to human contact.

Take your rats out of their cage every day for at least 1-2 hours. If you have
several rats who are all timid and afraid, begin working with one individual
rat to win its' trust. When the other rats observe  that the one rat likes
you, they will become much easier to train.You need to be patient with them
and not give up even if it takes a longer training period.

Most rats will not come out of the cage when you bring them home for the
first time unless they were already tame when you got them. Put the cage in a
safe place and open the cage door. Sit by the cage quietly reading a book or
something....put some really tasty rat treats inside and outside the cage and
leading in your direction. Just ignore the rats when they first come out and
let them run around and explore their surroundings. They will probably come
to you after a while, but be very careful not to use sudden movements. Try
giving them food gently from your hand. Let the rats come to YOU...this is my
#1 rule...don't force yourself on them!

Never disturb a sleeping rat by opening the cage suddenly with a lot of
noise. Be gentle and make the rat aware that your are approaching the cage. I
always use my special "calling sound" when I pick up my rats so they know who
is handling them.