"Us boys stick together"

Leo lives with his familiy in UK. Mom Vicky will tell:

Leo is about 9 months old in the picture and Blue about 3 months.
Leo and Blue are the best of friends, hes a funny cat he seems to
think he is a dog - he plays with them, jumping on their back, eats
their food, and sleeps with them on their bed - he even when the
weather is nice comes for a walk with them :)


"We sit up where we belong"

Millie is a Lurcher (a cross between a sighthound and a working dog, commonly
a greyhound with a Border Collie) and is 9 months old. We rescued her
when she was four months old, and from what we understand didn't
have a very good life for her first four months - we are her third owners.

You can contact Leo and his family here