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The Millennium Salmon Fly Swap

Kotkan Kerttu , Mikko Stenberg, Finland

Hook: #2 single
Tag: Fine oval silver tinsel, yellow floss
Tail: Golden pheasant crest
Butt: Fluorescent red wool
Body: Kingfisher blue silk (under),
covered with pearl lace
Rib: Medium oval silver tinsel
Hackle: Light blue Cock
Wing: Light blue Bucktail,
blue Wing´n Flash, yellow Arctic fox,
yellow Wing'n Flash, red Arcitc fox
red Wing'n Flash, black Arcitc Fox
Head: Black

Some words from the fly tyer:

Kotkan Kerttu is a famous Finnish salmon fly created by Hannu Kopra. It has been the trustworthy salmon catcher along the river banks of salmon river Kymi. However I decided to make a little bit more universal version of the fly, by reducing the amount of red colour in it. Normally the fly is tied in a downeyed double salmon hook (Mustad, Loop etc.) But I made a single version of it. Tight lines!

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