You have been looking for love, safety and peace outside yourself, and in the moment you find it inside yourself, you are the master.
- Bartholomew

This picture "Fountain" is made by Ken Jenkins. You find him and more artists in Visionary Artist Gallery, or go directly to Ken Jenkins video Illumination.

The divine inspired words or energy of God (Spirit)
as imparted to humans through other humans.

Channeling is not new, it has always taken place, but with different names. I look at channeling as a way in which non-physical beings, guides or your own higher self, can reach us her on this physical plane with their messages. Channeling is a natural process, but few are aware of it. You might have experienced it yourself, for instance those times you have got an inspiration and creative ideas, seemingly out of nowhere.

I am convinced that every living being continue to exist after the physical body's death. Therefore it seems entirely natural to me that souls from a non-physical plane also can communicate with us in various ways.

I think channeling is important, because those coming through, as a rule have much greater understanding of the whole than those beings that exist on this physical plane. But this is not always the case, because some beings might come from lower vibrational levels where they do not necessarily know more than we do. They are just as valuable as everyone else, but lack experience, understanding and are more bound to the physical world. Experimenting with ouija-boards and spiritism have surely brought some of those souls to come through. This is because the spiritual world have different vibrational levels. They reach the highest levels who have learned to know love with all its aspects, to be unconditional love. That's why it's important not to permit just anybody to come through to those channeling, but to allow only highly developed souls to come through. Be aware that some of the information coming through might be influenced by the channeler.

Almost all have come to help us, they show great compassion for us, but will not interfere with our free will. Try to be open, put aside as many prejudices as you can and feel for yourself if the information is right.

I have included a short example of a channelig by Lee Carroll for Kryon. It is a parable which is based on the principle of the "Golden Chair".
Click here for The Golden Chair channeling.

Here is another short parable from Conversations with God book 3. It is about oneness and separateness.

Click here for The parable of the rock channeling.

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When it comes to channelings there exist guidelines which we, with advantage, can use.

Click here for channelings guidelines.

Here is an article about channeling:

Channeling - What is it? by John Payne

Lazaris Web Site Lazaris is a nonphysical entity – a Spark of Light, a Spark of Love – an energy that has never chosen to take human form. Lazaris is not a guru; he is not our master. Lazaris is a friend.

Abraham Abraham is a group of nonphysical teachers who channel their message of Joy and Creation through Esther Hicks.

Conversations With God Neale Donald Walsch in dialog with God.

Heavenletters Daily letters from God.

Soul of the universe Information that will alter your view of yourself, humanity and human history.

Kwan Yin Raising spiritual awareness and promoting inner peace.

P'taah P'taah is a Light Being who comes to us through the Pleiadian energy.

The Hilarion Page Nice site with allot of messages from Hilarion.

Kryon Channeled information which is love-filled and presented for Lightworkers everywhere.

Circle of light Messages that assure us that SoulMate Love with our Twin Flame, a personal relationship with God, a heart-centered life and our awakening to Christ Consciousness are our heritage and destiny.

Crimson circle They call themselves " The classroom of the New Spiritual Energy of Earth."

Star Quest Ronna Herman is channel for Archangel Michael.

Ramtha Ramtha's School of Enlightenment.

Seth A metaphysical teacher from another reality. deep and complicated wisdom, but fascinating and interesting. Well known.

The Michael Teaching's Much channeled material from Michael.

Rainbow lady communication Channeling "REFLECTION", describes themselves as "a grouping of spiritual entities".

Channelings library Many channeled articles. Australian.


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