"A To Z"
(RCA PB 5338 - 1981)

A To Z

British Rock And Roll

Produced by Steve Gibbons Band and Bobby Pridden.

As you can see from the cover this single is taken from the LP "Street Parade" (# PL 25333).

On September 31 and October 1 2005 I had a fantastic experience seeing The Pensionairs live. The band were no one else but Steve Gibbons, Billy Bremner and Geraint Watkins. The first gig was not too good since they just had one set together. The second show was tremendous! They played in a very tiny place called Sætervika (an island outside Trondheim, Norway) and at a shack called "Kongo". Only 60 people (!) live there. My friend Helge Helmersen has been responsible for booking international artists since 1989 - mostly pub-rock related music. I can tell you the house was rockin'!!!!

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