"Short Stories"
(Wizard/EMI Records SWZA 5501 - 1971)

. Leader Of The Band
02. Now You're Leaving
03. The Last Farewell
04. One Of Those Days
05. Alright Now

. You've Gotta Pay
02. Bye, Bye Buffalo
03. Brown Girl
04. Until She Comes Home
05. Don't Wanna Let You Down

06. Trouble


Steve Gibbons - vocals, harmonica (A5), guitar (A5,B6)
Albert Lee -
guitar (A1-A5,B1-B4,B6), wurlitzer (A5)
Mike Kellie - drums (A1-A5, B1,B2,B4,B6)
Trevor Burton - bass (A1,A3,A4,A5,B5)
Gary Wright - piano (A1-A5,B3,B4), b.vocals (A5)
Bob Kirby - brass arrangement (A1,A4)
Pat Donaldson - bass (A2,B1,B2,B4,B6)
Madeline Bell - b.vocals (A2,A5,B4)
Doris Troy - b.vocals (A2,A5,B4)
Gerry Conway - steel guitar (A2,B4)
Gerry Donahue - guitar (A3)
Ginger Johnson - percussion (A5)
Rocki Dzidzornu - percussion (A5)
Jimmy Miller - percussion (A5)
Ian Whiteman - piano (B1,B2,B6)
Johnny van Derek - violin (B1, B4)
Greg Ridley - bass (B3)
Alan White - drums (B3)
Larry Fallon - brass, flutes (B3)
Claire Deniz - cello (B4)
Hugh McCracken - guitar (B5)
Bill Povey - clarinet (B6)

Steve's releases

Produced by Jimmy Miller and Gary Wright.

My copy contains a lyrics sheet.This is a very rare album and might be worth about £ 60,- now.

I think the guy on guitar (A3) should be the great Jerry Donahue...

Steve - When are you gonna release this one on CD...

Leader Of The Band

Baby's so enchanting gets the fellars panting
Thinking things they shouldn't if they tried
she wouldn't
Even let them hold her pretty hand
'Cause Baby wants the leader of the band

Baby's such a teaser she can wrap a geezer
Round her little finger still they all malinger
Evidently they don't understand
That Baby only wants the leader of the band

The leader of the band he's cool
The fact that he's the leader
Proves that he's no fool
An' when he makes his lead Baby proceeds
To go to pieces

Now Baby's got a funny feeling in her tummy
She's got to tell her mommy she's going to
be a mummy

I don't think that she will understand
That Baby balled the leader of the band