"Rollin' On"
(Polydor SUPER 2383 433 - 1977)

. Wild Flowers
02. Light Up Your Face
03. Now You Know Me
04. Mr. Jones
05. Till The Well Runs Dry
06. Tulane

. Cross Me Over The Road
02. Till The Fire Burns Out
03. Low Down Man
04. Right Side Of Heaven
05. Rollin' On

06. Please Don't Say Goodbye
07. Tupelo Mississippi Flash
08. Rounden


Steve Gibbons - lead vocals
Bob Wilson -
vocals, lead guitar
Dave Carroll - vocals, lead guitar
Bob Lamb - drums

Steve's releases

Produced by Ken Laguna .

My copy contains a lyrics sheet.

This particular LP belongs to Tore Røsbjørgen (a.k.a. Mr. BluesTrain). He got his copy signed by Steve when he played at the greatest blues shack in Trondheim called "Skansen" in '85. It looks like a real American blues juke joint and in my opinion it is a shame not to use it as a Blues Shack. My copy has not been signed - yet...

Right Side Of Heaven

I'm gonna keep my feet on the right side of heaven
Put my money on the lucky seven
Whether sunshine whether rain
No more teardrops down the drain
No silly fussin' no silly light - It just ain't right
Keep my feet on the right side of heaven
Heaven is where its at