"Short Stories/Stained Glass"
(Road Goes On Forever Records RGF/SGDCD 048 - 2CD-'71/'96/'01)

Short Stories
01. Leader Of The Band
02. Now You're Leaving
03. The Last Farewell
04. One Of Those Days
05. Alright Now
06. You've Gotta Pay
07. Bye Bye Buffalo
08. Brown Girl
09. Until She Comes Home
10. Don't Wanna Let You Down
11. Trouble

Bonus tracks
12. Lamb To The Slaughter
13. I'm Going Home
14. Tired Clock

Stained Glass
01. Take It Easy
02. You're A Big Girl Now
03. The Last Farewell
04. Oh What A Thrill
05. Grace
06. Looking Glass In The Rain
07. One Day
08. Looking For The Heart Of Saturday Night
09. New Leather Shoes
10. Stolen Hearts
11. Hey Buddy
12. Man In The Long Black Coat
13. Immaculate Conception

Bonus tracks
14. Where Was I Last Night?
15. Smokey Joe's

For musicians see the separate releases another place on my site - "Short Stories" -
"Stained Glass".

Short Stories (bonus tracks)

Lamb To The Slaughter
Steve Gibbons - guitar
Albert Lee - guitar
Ray Smith - guitar

I Am Going Home
Steve Gibbons - guitar
Albert Lee - guitar
Trevor Burton - bass
Mike Kellie - drums

Tired Clock (home demo)
Dave Morgan & Steve Gibbons - guitars and various vocals

Stained Glass (bonus tracks)

Where Was I Last Night?
Steve Gibbons - rhythm guitar
Bob Wilson - all other instruments

Smokey Joe's
Steve Gibbons - rhythm guitar
Bob Wilson - all other instruments



Steve's releases

"Short Stories" was produced by Jimmy Miller & Gary Wright, except for track 14 which were produced and engineered by Steve Gibbons & Dave Morgan. They were both members of The Uglys, who made a single which topped the Australian chart. Incidentially, Dave Morgan replaced Dave Pegg (a famous folk/folk-rocker from Fairport Convention and others) in The Uglys.

I have been waiting for the release of "Short Stories" for quite a few years now. It seems to be more and more common to release such classics on CD. The next coming up might be some early gigs on DVD - if some does excist...

As you can read from the extract below the mastertapes seem to be lost so the producers have chosen a digitally transfer from the original vinyl. You can hear some scratches, but so far I don't think it matters...

"Stained Glass" does also contain some really fine tunes and for those who missed it when it first appeared, nothing is better than obtain this release together with Steve Gibbons' first release from 1971.

Do also check Havic Records do learn more about Steve Gibbons!

An extract from the booklet - Written by John Tobler, Tyne & Wear, July 2001:

"Road Goes On Forever and Steve Gibbons have enjoyed a good relationship since we started working together a few years ago. The first project was a double CD of the first two of Steve's albums from his most successful commercial period, the second half of the 1970's...

...So it's 2001, and the original plan was to reissue Stained Glass, Steve's excellent 1996 album, which had been widely available except at gigs, but we had also talked many times about the possibility of re-releasing his very first album, a solo venture from 1971 called Short Stories, on CD. This album, vinyl copies of which have been highly collectable for many years, has never been on CD, nor has it ever been re- issued in any format. We were able to dig up several interesting out-takes from those sessions, but after a long and fruitless search for the actual master tapes, we decided to go ahead and digitally master from the original vinyl. So here it is, as a double with Stained Glass - two albums recorded 25 years apart, but both (and this is bizarre) with the same song as track 3, although of course personnel and recording dates are very different".

This is shot from Steve's early band called Balls. From left to right you can see: Denny Laine, Trevor Burton, Mike Kellie, Steve Gibbons.

I think it's great to see photos like this. You got a rare perspectiv of times changing.






A session from the "Short Stories"-era. Both Pat Donaldson (left) and Albert Lee are two very well known musicians within the British music scene. Donaldson has played with, just to name a few; Albion Band, Amazing Blondel, Joan Armatrading, Keith Christmas, Jerry Donahue and the famous folk singer Sandy Denny...

Albert Lee is ranked as one of the best guitarist there is.