Various Artists "Quick Before They Catch Us - The Pop Era Vol. 1"
(Sequel Records NEX CD108 - 1990)

01. Quick Before The Catch Us
02. My World Fell Down
03. End Of The Season
04. Pattern People
05. Tomorrow Never Comes
06. Pink Purple Yellow Red
07. Here Today
08. Each Time
09. You Gotta Be With Me
10. Can't Stop Thinking About Her
11. Creeping Jean
12. Love Hate Revenge

13. The Water Is Over My Head
14. I Take It We're Through
15. Just You
16. Roses
17. Pay You Back With Interest

18. The Tracker

19. Lazy Old Sun
20. The Man From The Marriage...
21. Make Me Stay A Little Longer
22. The World Wrapped Around My Neck

01. Paddy, Klaus & Gibson
02. Ivy League
03. The Uglys feat.
04. The Bystanders
05. The Hellions
06. The Sorrows
07. The Factotums
08. The Searchers
09. The Onyx
10. The Chapters
11. Dave Davies
12. Episode Six
13. The Rockin' Berries

14. The Riot Squad
15. Thursday's Children
16. Don Craine's New Downliners Sect
17. Dana Gillespie
18. Kenny Bernard & The Wranglers
19. The Kinks
20. Knack
21. Status Quo
22. Steve Hammond






Steve's releases

All photos from PRT Archives. All sheet music (photos from) courtesy Lizard Sound Archives.

Lots of "unknown" artists to me. It seems that Dana Gillespie's "Pay You Back With Interest" is the only mid-60's single which they have managed to transfer to disc...

This is original Pye recordings.

Dana is represented with her third Pye single. It's a pity the booklet doesn't come with shots of Dana from this periode.

Oops - what a discover! Suddenly I remember that my favourite pubrock-artist Steve Gibbons was a member of The Uglys! This is what the booklet says about the band:

"Despite the obvious quality of Ray Davies' songs, none would hits outside the Kinks confines despite the attention of such disparate acts as The Thoughts, Peggy Lee, Mo & Steve and The Lancastrians. The Uglys were nonetheless undaunted and recorded the laconic "End Of The Season" in August 1966, almost a year before the author's version appeared on "Something Else". It would become the last of four singles that the Birmingham group cut for Pye; Steve Gibbons (vocals, guitar), Bob Burnett (guitar), Jim O'Neill (keyboard), Jim Holden (bass) and John Hustwayte (drums) then switched to CBS, before a bewildering series of changes saw two members defect (separately) to The Mindbenders, future Fairport bassist Dave Pegg come and go, Trevor Burton join from The Move and a final 45 appear on MGM. The upheavels then continued, not the least of which was The Uglys metamorphosis into Balls where, although the name was altered, their unsettled person was not.

About Dana Gillespie:

"By coincidence, The Hollies' songsmith team of Clark/Hicks & Nash was another unable to transfer a homegrown success to others. "Watch Your Step" (Sequel NEX 107) offers an Episode Six take of "Put Yourself In My Place", included here is Dana Gillespie's 1967 version of "Pay You Back With Interest", a stunning rocker first found on the group's "For Certain Because" LP. Dana's sometimes controversial career opened with a 1965 version of "Donna Donna" before she became better-known as a Donovan/Dylan acolyte. The song in question here is easily her crowning moment, from Pye she switched to Decca before a temporary retirement ended with her pin-up spell at RCA, a path continued with Ms. Gillespie's contemporary meat and motion recordings".