"Doule Live"
(Road Goes On Forever Records RGF/SGDCD 050 - 2CD-2003)

Caught In The Act (1977)

01. Watching The River Flow
02. Light Up Your Face
03. Shopping For Clothes
04. Git It
05. He Gave His Life To Rock'n'Roll
06. And The Music Plays On
07. Day Tripper
08. One Of The Boys
09. You Gotta Pay
10. Tulane
11. Speed Kills
12. Rollin'
13. Tupelo Mississippi Flash

Bonus tracks
14. Standing On The Bridge
Alternate studio version - 1976

15. Natural Thing
Live - 1978

16. Mr. Jones
Live - 1978
17. There's Always Tomorrow
Studio demo - 1977

On The Loose (1986)

01. Down The Road Apiece
02. Chuck In My Car
03. Absolutely Gone
04. Love Part One
05. Trucker
06. On The Loose
07. To Be Alone With You
08. Love 'n' Peace
09. Like A Rolling Stone

Bonus tracks
10. A Muse In The Club
Studio demo - 1981
11. Another Three Steps To Heaven
Studio demo - 1983
12. New York
Studio demo - 1988


CD1 - "Caught In The Act"
The CD was released in 1977. Produced by Kenny Laguna for Goldhawke Productions Ltd. The live recording was produced by Bobby Pridden.

Steve Gibbons - vocals, guitar
Dave Carroll -
guitar, b.vocals
Bob Wilson -
guitar, b.vocals
Trevor Burton -
bass, b.vocals
Bob Lamb -
drums, percussion

Bonus tracks
Track 14 is a previously unreleased alternate take of a track included on Steve's "Any Road Up" album. Tracks 15 & 16 are previously unreleased live recordings from 1978. The personnel on tracks 14-16 is as above. Track 17 is a previously unreleased 1977 studio demo. The musicians are:

Steve Gibbons - vocals, guitar
Dave Carroll - guitar
Bob Wilson - bass

CD2 - "On The Loose"
This one was released in 1986 and was produced by the legendary Mike Vernon and Steve Gibbons for Brand New Records. The album was produced by Dick Planet at The Dublin Castle, Camden Town, London. It was mixed at Chipping Norton Studios, Oxfordshire.

Steve Gibbons - vocals, guitar, harmonica
P.J. Wright -
guitar, b.vocals
Roger Inniss -
bass, b.vocals
Alan "Sticky" Wicket -
Peter Filleul -
keyboards (special guest!)

Bonus tracks
Track 10 is a previously unreleased studio demo from 1981, which was recorded at Zella Studios, Birmingham, and produced by Johnny Haines.

Steve Gibbons - vocals
Trevor Burton -
guitar, piano
P.J. Wright -
"Dangerous" Derek Wood -
Alan "Sticky" Wicket -

Track 11 is a previously unreleased studio demo from 1983, which was recorded at Rich Bitch Studios, Birmingham, and features the same musicians as track 10, but without Trevor Burton. Track 12 is a previously unreleased demo from 1988, produced by Bobby Pridden. Musicians on this track are:

Steve Gibbons - vocals, guitar
P.J. Wright -
guitar, b.vocals
Brian Badhams -
bass, b.vocals
Brendan Day -

Steve's releases

Road Goes On Forever Records has released and re-released several of Mr. Gibbons albums. This is their thanks to this Great Rock 'n' Roller:

"RGOFR is proud to be associated with Steve Gibbons. As always, thanks to Steve, Dave Price, Suzy Gibbons, P. J. Wright, Michael Vonau, the other Dave Carroll, Jon Philibert @ MCPS and greetings to all Steve Gibbons fans around the world. Just to be sure on-one's unaware of Steve's CDs available on RGOFR, here's the list;

"Any Road Up/Rollin' On" - 28 track double CD including 5 bonus tracks.

"Maintaining Radio Silence" - 18 track single CD including 6 bonus tracks.

"Down In The Bunker" - 19 track single CD including 8 bonus tracks.

"Short Stories/Stained Glass" - 29 track double CD - coupling a 1971 and a 1995 album - including 5 bonus tracks.

Finally the CD above. You can read more about those releases mentioned another place on my site!

You can reach Road Goes On Forever on the following addresses:

-- website: http://www.rgfrecords.co.uk
-- email: info@rgfrecords.co.uk

The pictures are all taken from the CD.