"Brit Rock - Back On Track"
(Pool Sounds/Independent Records POOL CD026 - CD-2001)

01. British Rock 'n' Roll
02. Line Of Least Resistance
03. Luxury Liner
04. The Girl Can't Help It
05. Gone Too Long
06. Move It
07. Longing For You Baby
08. Socks 'n' Sandals
09. Dream Lover
10. Cupid
11. Where Was I Last Night
12. The Walk
13. Brother Doctor, Sister Nurse
14. Just Because
15. Not Fade Away
16. Promised Land

01. Steve Gibbons & The Refreshments
Steve Gibbons - lead vocals
Micke Finell - saxes, vocals
Joakim Arnell - bass
Billy Bremner - guitar
Albert Lee - lead guitar
Niklas Aspholm - drums
Geraint Watkins - piano

Nine Below Zero
Dennis Greaves - lead vocal, guitar
Gerry McAvoy - bass
Billy Boy Miskimmin - harmonica
Brendan O'Neill - drums
Micke Finell - sax

03. Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes
Albert Lee - lead vocal, guitar
Gerry Hogan - pedal steel guitar, dobro
Brian Hodgson - bass
Mike Bell - piano
Peter Baron - drums

04. Billy Bremner & The Refreshments
Billy Bremner - lead vocal, guitar
Joakim Arnell - bass, vocals
Micke Finell - sax, vocals
Niklas Aspholm - drums

05. Mike Berry & The Outlaws
Mike Berry - vocal
Brian Hodgson - bass
Albert Lee - guitar
Pete Wingfield - piano
Alan Jackman - drums
Pete Thomas - sax

06. Dave Edmunds & The Refreshments
Dave Edmunds - lead vocal, guitar
Billy Bremner - guitar
Micke Finell - sax
Niklas Aspholm - drums
Joakim Arnell - bass
Robin Olsson - acoustic guitar
Johan Blohm - piano

07. Dave Kelly Band
Dave Kelly - lead vocal, acoustic guitar
Pete Emery - guitar
Pick Withers - drums
Marcus Cliffe - bass

08. Graham Parker
Graham Parker - lead vocal, acoustic guitar
Billy Bremner - guitar
Johan Blohm - piano
Micke Finell - sax
Joakim Arnell - bass
Ingemar Dunker - drums

09. Billy Bremner & The Refreshments
Billy Bremner - lead vocal, guitar
Joakim Arnell - bass
Micke Finell - vocal, sax
Bengt Bygren - accordion
Niklas Aspholm - drums

10. Graham Parker
Graham Parker - vocal

11. Steve Gibbons
Steve Gibbons - vocal, guitar
Bob Wilson - bass, lead guitar

12. Dr. Feelgood
Robert Kane - vocal
Phil Mitchell - bass
Kevin Moore - drums
Steve Walwyn - guitars
Nick Payn - harmonica

13. Mickey Jupp & The Refreshments
Mickey Jupp - vocal, piano
Tord Eriksson - guitar
Micke Finell - sax
Joakim Arnell - bass
Mats Forsberg - drums

14. Geraint Watkins & The Refreshments
Geraint Watkins - vocal, piano
Robin Olsson - guitar
Albert Lee - lead guitar
Micke Finell - sax
Joakim Arnell - bass
Niklas Aspholm - drums

15. The Pirates
BJ Anders - vocal, bass
Mick Green - guitars
Romek Parol - drums, percussion

16. Dave Edmunds & The Refreshments
Dave Edmunds - vocal, guitar
Billy Bremner - guitar
Micke Finell - sax
Joakim Arnell - bass
Kaj Söderström - piano
Niklas Aspholm - drums
























Steve's releases

This is all new recordings from some really great British pubrock artists. Their separate releases are also a must in every serious collectors collections!

The Refreshments
"Many of the artists on this record are backed by The Refreshments, one of Europe's tightest units in classic rock 'n' roll. They ought to be. Based in Sweden, this five piece band has played 250 gigs a year since the early 90's. If you like what you hear on this record, check out their four brilliant albums. Or have a listen to their hot playing on "A Pile Of Rock", the critically acclaimed live album by Dave Edmunds. For more info and song samples, please visit www.refreshments.nu. The twang's most definitely the thang."
(An extract from the booklet)

"Move It" - Recorded live by Urban Ericsson, Sveriges Radio Värmland in Säffle, Sweden.

"Brother Doctor, Sister Nurse" - Recorded live by Matz Larsson, SverigesRadio Gävle at The Central-Cafe, Sweden.

"Promised Land" - Recorded live on 8-track by Kenneth Skoglund at Estraden, Gävle, Sweden.

I have seen The Refreshments a couple of times live and all the bragging above is no overstatement. They're just incredible, and teamed up with legends like Billy Bremner, Geraint Watkins and Mickey Jupp for some gigs, it couldn't be better. Rockpile does not exist any more, but The Refreshments does!

This is an announcement from the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet.

As you can see below on the announcement
Geraint Watkins, Billy Bremner & The Refreshments played live at Rebekka West in Oslo September 1, 1995. And I was there!

Geraint's name is mistyped! I have never heard about "Geriant" Watkins...

I do recommend all the albums by The Refreshments. They have released six albums (and several singles), included a live album with Dave Edmunds. Here are the albums:

2001 -
Here we are/Best of - 1995-2001 (with 4 new recordings!)
2001 - Real Songs On Real Instruments
2000 -
Musical Fun For Everyone
1999 -
Are You Ready
1997 -
A Pile Of Rock - Live (On tour with The Legendary Dave Edmunds)
1997 -
Trouble Boys
1995 -
Both Rock 'n' Roll

To learn some more about The Refreshments, Geraint Watkins, Dave Edmunds and others, check Watkins' unoffical website. This Swedish guy, Mikael Sandberg, has done helluva job on Geraint Watkins as a session man, his biography and disco-graphy. (Mr. Blues Man & Mr. Blues Train have contributed with some information on Watkins as a session man).

has released only one album, though in different sleeves and one with a bonus EP (four songs by The Everly Brothers!) attached to the LP-bag. Luckily the album has been released on CD with those four tracks as bonus. One of the LP-releases has the same cover as the CD just below.



Rockpile "Rockpile"

01. Teacher Teacher
02. If Sugar Was As Sweet As You
03. Heart
04. Now And Always
05. Knife And Fork
06. Play That Fast Thing (One More Time)
07. Wrong Way
08. Pet You And Hold You
09. Oh What A Thrill
10. When I Write The Book
11. Fool Too Long
12. (You Ain't Nothing But) Fine Fine Fine
13. Take A Message To Mary (Bonus Track)
14. Crying In The Rain (Bonus Track)
15. Poor Jenny (Bonus Tracks)
16. When Will I Be Loved (Bonus Track)

The four last songs are by The Everly Brothers.

(Pst! As you might be able to see my copy has been signed by Billy Bremner!)

Rockpile was:
Billy Bremner - guitar, vocals
Dave Edmunds - Guitar, vocals, piano, organ
Nick Lowe - bass, vocals
Terry Williams - drums, drums, drums...

Billy Bremner
When we are into the music and musicians from
Rockpile I can't skip the fabulous albums by Billy Bremner. He is a forgotten gem as a songwriter, that's for sure! He has released two albums "Bash" and "A Good Week's Work" (HypertensionMusic/ BMG 74321 60753 2 - CD-1998). The last one is on CD only (as far as I know). Gadfly Records (GADFLY 243 - CD-1998) in the USA has the original release with a different sleeve. "Bash" (Arista Records 206 179 - LP-1984) has just been released on CD (Gadfly Records GADFLY 275 - CD-2001) with 5 bonus single tracks! When I bought my release at a record fair some years ago the seller had this sticker on the plastic bag which stated: "It is not the great football player from Leeds, but the guy from Rockpile". I found it quite amusing.

Go out and buy 'em instantly!

Dave Kelly, Dave Edmunds
& Nick Lowe - They have bags of albums. What more can I say...

Dave Kelly & Paul Jones - The Blues Band
He has been into the British blues scene for decades, together with his sister Jo Ann Kelly (R.I.P.). Since the early '80s he has been collaborated with Paul Jones in The Blues Band. I saw them at Hell Bluesfestival three or four years ago playing acoustic blues and I have never been to a gig before where the audience manage to keep quiet for at least two hours. Amazing set of acoustic blues!

Dave Edmunds
The early albums by Edmunds released on CD are getting hard to find. He has released a 2-CD compilation. You should be able to find some cheap collections from his vault of music too.

Nick Lowe
He has a tremendous 4-CD-Box called "The Doings" (Edsel Records/Demon Records LOWE 50 - 1999). On this box you can also find "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding?". You can hear this tune in the movie "Cocktail". Lowe earned some quid in royalties here...But it should not be in this context Lowe has to earn his money!

The Pirates
Check out their early albums like
"Out Of Their Skulls", "Skull Wars", "Happy Birth-day Rock 'n' Roll". "Still Shakin'" ain't bad either. The Pirates do also have a couple of collections out. Mick Green has the last years played with some Swedish guys and still as The Pirates.

Here is some rare items by The Pirates (from my collection). The formats are 1o";