"Maintaining Radio Silence"
(Road Goes On Forever Records RGF/SGCD 043 - CD-1998)

01. In Over My Heart
02. Don't Trade Me In
03. Schoolboy
04. The Chain
05. World Stops Turning
06. Don't Let 'Em Get Ya
07. Let There Be Bop
08. The Train
09. Your World

10. Manyana
11. Slow Down
12. Wonderful World

Bonus Tracks
13. Love Part One
14. Don't Wanna Let You Down
15. TT92
16. Triumph Bonneville
17. Harley Davidson
18. B.S.A.


Steve Gibbons - lead vocals, guitar
P.J. Wright -
guitar, pedal steel, b.vocals
Jock Evans -
guitar (1-12,14)
Brian Badhams -
bass, keyboards, b.vocals (1-12,14, 15)
Brendan Day -
drums (1-12,14,15)
Roger Innis -
bass (13,16-18)
Alan 'Sticky' Wicket -
drums (13,16-18)
Bob Wilson - guitar, vocals (15)

The B.S.A.-pictures are taken from Classic British Bikes;

Ford Zodiac was manufactured in England and is one of six registered in the world and currently the only Ford Zodiac Convertible registered in the United States. The car has a 2553cc six cylinder engine with manual overdrive. The car was produced in 1961.

Mike Fankovich Jr., Glendale, CA is the owner of the car shown above. Interested in classic cars - Check his site for more information - http://www.aeclassic.com/

Erik "The Bluesmobile" Røsbjørgen - This must be something for you my friend...

Steve's releases

Original album produced by Bobby Pridden and Steve Gibbons Band at Pump Studios, 1988.

Bonus tracks produced by Steve Gibbons Band.

"B.S.A." has always and will always be my No. 1 party tune. I saw Steve Gibbons live in London in '93. The show faded and he still had not played "my" tune. The people next to me jumped when I suddenly yelled B.S.A.!!

You can also find "B.S.A." on the release "Saints And Sinners". The tune starts with a real 'vrroomm'. Here is the lyric;

"I've never been the kind of guy who likes to travel fast
I like the comfort of a four wheel drive
Cruisin' steady in my Zodiac Convertible doin' about 55.
I looked in my mirror and I saw a team of motorcycles
Coming up behind me fast
When they overtook, I took a look an' nearly died
All this time I'd been taken for a ride by a wild angel
Doin' 95 with my baby on the back

They where ridin' on a BSA, ridin' on a BSA
The only motorcycle that could take her away
Had to be a BSA

I stood on the gas, I was ready for a chase
But the Zodiac didn't want to know
I took her up to 70 but then she started coughin'
And everything started to blow
Red light, green light flashin' on the dashboard
Black smoke coming out behind
The radiator blew and the big ends were knockin'
The whole heap of metal was a reelin' an' a rockin'
I was thinking about shoving it and Bye, Bye Love
Was playing on the radio

I wish I had a BSA, I wish I had a BSA
The only motorcycle that could take her away

I've never been the kind of guy who likes to
travel rough
I like the leisure of a warm saloon
But every time I see a motorcycle pass
I get to feel I'm gonna get one soon
I don't wanna Kawasaki or Suzuki or whatever
Although I know they're pretty fast
I wanna Gold Star 500 Clubman's trim
With those little extra special features built rightin
With a double RT too the same as him
Then I'm gonna bring my baby back

We'll be ridin' on a BSA, Ridin' on a BSA
Three little words could make my life okay
Put me on a BSA
Gotta get a BSA, gotta get a BSA
Three little words that make my life okay
Put me on a BSA"