"Live At The Robin '98"
(Reckless LTD REC 1 - CD-1998)

01. Watching The River Flow
02. Spark Of Love
03. Natural Thing
04. Strange World
05. Tupelo Mississippi Flash
06. All Right Now
07. Down In The Bunker

08. My Generation
09. One Of The Boys
10. Mr. Jones
11. Rollin'
12. Tulane
13. Grace
14. Little Suzie

Steve Gibbons - vocals
Trevor Burton -
bass, b.vocals
Dave Carroll -
guitar, b.vocals
Bob Wilson -
guitar, b.vocals
Bob Lamb -

Steve's releases

Recorded live at The Robin Hood, Merry Hill, Birmingham, England.

Produced by Bob Lamb and Bob Wilson.

In my opinion this is great live recordings. Really good sound and it feels like the band are playing live in your living room...

The Story So Far:
In 1979, after touring the world for ten years as one of the greatest live bands ever, The Steve Gibbons Band decided to call it a day and go their seperate ways.

Fifteen years later, in 1994, the band reformed to play a one off concert at Birmingham Town Hall to raise money for The Oxfam appeal during the Rwanda crisis.

This was a bigger success than anyone anticipated, with the gig selling out in a short space of time and people travelling from all over the UK to see the show.

Then came another rare appearance two years later in 1996, to launch the reopening of The Railway, a venue that was important to the early days of the Steve Gibbons Band.

By now it seemed that a reunion at least once a year was a pretty good idea, which led to another happening at Christmas 1997, again at The Railway and on 28 March 1998, a wild night at The Robin Hood, Merry Hill, resulted in the recording of this unique album. To be continued...".
(An extract from the booklet)