"The Dylan Project"
(Woodwarm Records WRCD029- CD-1998)

01. Colours To The Mast
02. When The Ship Comes In
03. Simple Twist Of Fate
04. Highway 61 Revisited
05. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
06. 4th Time Around
07. I Am A Lonesome Hobo
08. Peggy Day

09. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
10. Dark Eyes

11. Down Along The Cove
12. Absolutely Sweet Marie
13. I Want You
14. Winterlude
15. Ring Them Bells

Steve Gibbons - vocals (1-15), guitar (1), harmonica (1-7,10-15), acoustic guitar (2-9,11-15)
P.J. Wright -
vocals (1,10,12,13,15), steel guitar (1), acoustic guitar (2,13,15), dobro (2,13), pedal steel guitar (3,5,6,9,12,14), slide guitar (4,7,8,11), 12-string acoustic guitar (6), hammond organ (9,12,15)
Dave Pegg - vocals (1,2,10,12,15) bass (1,-5,7,8-15), mandolin (1,2,6,13), tambourine (15)
Simon Nicol - vocals (1,10,1215), acoustic guitar (1-5,7,9,11,13-15), bass (6), acoustic & electric 12-string guitar (9,12), guitars (10)
Gerry Conway - drums (1-5,7-15), percussion (1,5-7-15)
Chris Leslie - vocals (2), violin (2)
Ric Sanders - 'cosmic' violin (7), violin (8)
Ben Bennion - vocals (15)
Mick Bullard - vocals (15)
Martin Allcock - vocals (15)




















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Produced by Dave Pegg.

Steve Gibbons on Bob Dylan:

"It is no exaggeration to say that the first time I heard Bob Dylan, it changed my life. In those days, I was working with my band, The Uglys, and we were booked for a month at a little club called The Kon-Tiki in Munster (Germany). It was a hard slog; we lived at the back of the club in a one-room billet, and played six nights a week, four hours a night twixt 9pm and 2am, at which time a young American named Peter took over and played records. His excellent taste was all the persuasion we needed to linger longer and drink away most of our wages until the wee small hours of morning - I think he played that one, too...Anyway, at one such session, he called me over and said 'You ever heard of this guy? I got in the post from the States'. The guy was Bob Dylan, the album was 'The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan': track one, side one, the voice made me tingle, the song made me shiver, the moment is frozen...".
(An extract from the booklet)


This is an article from the great music magazine Mojo and about the folk/folk-rock event at Cropredy Festival 2001 (I have to check the exact date) where Steve Gibbons participated with his The Dylan Project.

"One's enjoyment of The Dylan Project (a downtime exercise featuring people from Fairport and The Steve Gibbons Band) is necessarily influenced by one's attachment to Bob's songs. A tight, ballsy unit, as you' expect, there were infinitely more polished and palatable on the ear than any current Bob concert...".
- Mojo Music Magazine - Colin Harper

I am unfamiliar with some of the artists below. This year's line up:

* Tarras
* Steve Ashley And Friends
* The Dylan Project
* Lonnie Donegan

* Sandwitch
* Whirligig
* Keith Donnelly And Friends
* Chris While & Julie Matthews
* Sugarland Slim
* Eliza Carthy Band
* Musafir
* De Dannan

* Chuckletruck
* Vikki Clayton And Friends
* Five Furious Fish
* Francis Dunnery & The Grass Virgins
* Amos Garrett
* Brass Monkey
* Fairport Convention And Guests