"Get Up And Dance - The Best Of"
(Polydor 2383 539 - 1980)

Side A
01. Get Up And Dance
02. Eddy Vortex
03. Natural Thing
04. Till The Fire Burns Out
05. Tulane
06. Johnny Cool
07. No Spitting On The Bus

Side B
01. Down In The Bunker
02. Little Suzie
03. Mr. Jones
04. Grace
05. Git It
06. Gave His Life To Rock 'n' Roll

Steve Gibbons - vocals
Dave Carroll -
guitar, lap steel, violin, b.vocals
Trevor Burton -
bass, guitar, b.vocals
Bob Wilson -
guitar, keyboards, b.vocals
Bob Lamb -
drums, percussion










Steve's releases

I am not sure of the excact year of this release, but I suppose it is 1980.

A1 - 1979
A2,A7 -
B1,B2,B4 -
A4,A5 -
B3,B5,B6 -
A3,A6 -

The Man
Sometimes he looks like Wyatt Earp, sometimes like Lew Archer. He's got an accent that sounds like it grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. As a writer he's the missink link between Chuch Berry, Bob Dylan, Mickey Spillane. As a singer he's second to none. He might just be the best thing the English rock scene has to offer right now.

The Songs
Most of the songs on this special compilation have been culled from the group's four Polydor albums. "Natural Thing" and "Jimmy Cool" first appeared on "Any Road Up" (2383 381). "Till The Fire Burns Out", Chuck Berry's "Tulane" and the narrative "Mr. Jones" all come from "Rollin' On" (2383 433). From the live album "Caught In The Act" (2478 112) we get "He Gave His Life To Rock 'n' Roll" and a great version of Gene Vincent's "Git It". "Down In The Bunker" (2383 502) is the group's most successful album yet and four tracks here were taken from it - "Eddy Vortex", "No Spitting On The Bus", "Grace" and the title track. "Little Suzie" was recorded at the sessions for "Down In The Bunker" but wasn't used for the actual record. Instead it appeared as the flipside of the "Eddy Vortex" single. "Get Up And Dance" is the latest single.
(An extract from the cover)