January 2015.

Back again. The activity on my page have been rather low the last few years, since I have been
working on my documentary movie from JanMayen.
After almost 12 years in front of the PC monitor, I am very close to finnish one DVD.
If all goes according to my plan I will have the complete visual story about the construction of the
Loran C station, in the spring this year
The first DVD will be in Norwegian language, but I plan to make one in English also.
This is of course depending on how many are interrested.

Welcome again to my Jan Mayen pages.
There have not been much activities on my web pages the last years.
At the moment I am very busy with my Jan Mayen history film project.
And after 9 years of collecting film, video and photos I feel I am soon at the finnishing line.

Today there are many interresting and very good webpages about Jan Mayen, made by people who have had the
same unforgetable experience as myselves.
These pages are made by the help of more modern tools, than I have used.
But I will use my same old layout, as a personal touch from the beginning of the -90'th.
I will continue to write the story in my "norwenglish" way also, since I like the world to take part in my facination.

On these pages you will find pictures from my album, and copies of my 8mm movies from the
period 1968 to 1969. And I will try to describe how we experienced the dayly life .


I spent 13 months on the Island as a technician on the Loran C station.
During these months I used as much of my spare time as the weather permitted, to visit as many of
the accessable points of the island as possible.
During my expeditions I took thousands of meters of 8mm movie, and a lot of photos.
The dayly life today at the main station on Jan Mayen is somewhat different from what we
experienced more than 30 years back.
But the buildings has not changed much and the nature has not changed at all.
Today the main site is more or less "covered" by parabolic antenna dishes,
receiving whatever TV channels are accessable from the sky.
In my days we had to settle for a 16mm movie, once a week in the saloon.
I was the operator, and I remembered the odd occasions with blown bulbs, broken film and a
frustrated audience as result.
But we managed.

The nature at Jan Mayen will give you no compromises.
You either love it, or hate it.

And Me?

I was facinated. And this facination has never let go in all the years which have
passed since I stayed there.

When I arrived at the Walrus Bay in June 1968, my first reaction was that I should have
had my brain checked out, when I applied for apployment at the Loran C station for one year.
But after a few weeks this feeling changed completely.


The voyage started from the city of Bodø, in the north of Norway on June 4, 1968
at 17:00 hours
After two days at sea onboard the coastal resque vessel Skomvær II, we arrived
in the Boat Bay at the south side of Jan Mayen on June 6 at 21:30 hours .
But the drifting ice had filled the bay completely, giving no chance to go ashore.
We had to travel around the island to the Walrus Bay where the the waters were free from
ice, and we let the anchor go on June 7 at 03:00 hours.
When arriving at the Walrus Bay, we were picked up by a small boat which should bring us
to the island.
At the shore we were met by a buldozer with a special carriage to catch us, an bring us
with dry feets (they succeded) to the island.
A rather wrecking old Landrover (looked like some kind of a car) named Kristian August
was asigned to meet us, and bring us 10 Km to the main station at the other side of the

On our bumpy ride to the main station I could only see Black & White.
(Sounds like some familiar alcoholic drink.)
But..., it was black Lava formations looking up from the white snow (in June ! ! ).

When crossing the island on the route to the main station we could again see the
mountain Beerenberg stretching 2277 to the sky, at the left side of the car.
This majestic mountain should be in front of the camera lenses at any occation, when
the sun was shining and the white snow reflected the light in the clean, clear air.

Almost halfway to the main station " OLONKIN CITY ", we turned slowly to the right in a
southern-westly direction. And there in the distance we could see the mountain formation
called "Schiertzegga", with the 200m high transmitting tower to the Loran C system, just in front.
A couple of km before seeing Olonkin City, we passed by the small airstrip "Jan Mayensfield"
to the left and the meteorological station to the right.
And then we are entering Olonkin. The silver shining metal walls of the one story buildings
are giving some space-like impression.
Well, this matched the moonlike landscape on the trip from the Walrus bay.

My home for the next year

THE FIRST DAY The first day on Jan Mayen.


October 13, 1968.

The arctic vesel Polarbjørn, built in 1919, was used to bring supplies to the station.
The vesel was also used for transport of the crew to and from Jan Mayen and the city of Bodø
in the north of Norway.
Then in October 13, 1968 Polarbjørn once again left the Walruss bay, with the last of
the old crew, including the crew who worked on the Consol station at Sørlaguna
This movie is shoving Polarbjørn leaving for Bodø.
A two days voyage had started.


MOVIE No. 2 and 3




The island of JAN MAYEN is located 550 Km north of ICELAND.
The island has the form of a spoon pointing north-east, covering an area of 380 square Km.
The length is 54 Km, and the width vary from 16 to 2.5 Km.
The whole North part of the island is dominated by the volcano BEERENBERG, reaching a height of 2277 meters above sealevel.
Jan Mayen JAN MAYEN with BEERENBERG seen from south.

JAN MAYEN has no natural harbours.
Boarding JAN MAYEN could therefore sometimes be a rather wet and COLD experience.
One location on each side of the island was used for that purpose.
Which side we selected depended entirely on the weather.

Arriving Arriving at the WALRUSS BAY on the North side.

Leaving Leaving from the BOAT BAY on the South side.
In the background you can see the arctic vessel BRANDAL, which is towing the english yacht MISCHIEF

Marimusch Walking up from the bay of MARIA MUSH, with remnants from the Dutch whale hunting station from the time 1600-1700.
I am walking in the direction of the old meteorological station on the islands north side.

Oldmet The old abandoned meteorological station on the north side.

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