Welcome to my genealogy page.

I'm Norwegian, living in the south-western parts of Norway.

For those of you known to Scandinavian geography, areas like Borre and Horten in Vestfold, Lensvika in Sør-Trøndelag (all in Norway) and the Örnsköldsvik area in Sweden are heavily represented when looking back on my ancestors. Våle and Andebu in Vestfold would also be worth mentioning.

My ancestors are therefore mostly Norwegian. And partly Swedish. My grandfather's father was a swedish railroad worker working in the Trondheim area around 1904.

The given information on sources should be quite consistent. Although, there are exceptions.

Also I would like to mention that my ambitions concerning updating these pages, are rather small. Should anyone find anything of interest, I'd be delighted.

Skulle du ønske å lese disse sidene på norsk, kan du klikke her.

 The Winsnes-name
Here you'll find some information regarding the Winsnes-name and some Vinsnes/Winsnes-farms. Including scanned extracts from some Norwegian books about Winsnes-farms, in Norwegian.
 The archives

Essentially 3 different databases, presented as familygroups and ancestrial trees.

My own ancestors.

About 800 names from Singsås and Støren, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway. More or less 50/50 - Støren and Singsås. (Not my ancestors.)

About 800 Fet-related persons. The book "Slegten Winsnes med en del sidelinjer" presented in a different way. (Not my ancestors.)

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 South Georgia 1929 / 1930   -   Extracts from my Grandfather's "whaling album"
Svend Johannes Winsnes
on the equator.

My maternal grandfather's name was Svend Johannes Winsnes. He was born and raised at Vinsnes in Singsås, Norway. 24 years old he signed up for one season and went to Leith Harbour, South Georgia. He worked there as a welder.

He was there when the big avalanche in 1929 destroyed parts of Leith Harbour and killed 3 persons. Here you can see Svend's own photos of the destroyings, the funeral and the grave of his 3 comrades. You'll also find pictures of Leith Harbour, Stromness, scenery and the wildlife of South Georgia. All pictures presented here are taken and developed by Svend Johannes Winsnes.