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The church of Norway is lutheran, and with 90% of the population as members, it is the main religious community in Norway.

Musical elements, like organ voluntaries, hymn singing,  liturgic elements and choral-singing are important parts of the norwegian devine services. The norwegian hymn-book contain more than 1000 hymns ( incl the 1997-appendix), and in a norwegian sunday service we  sing 5-9 different hymns with organaccompaniment.

Our town
Haugesund  is situated on the west coast of Norway, between Stavanger in south and Bergen in north, and is young ( 1850's ) and active with 31.000 inhabitants . It is the center the Haugesund Region, Haugalandet, with trade, offshore industry, Natural Gas handling, shipping, congresses and festivals ( The Norwegian film-festival, Sildajazz etc ).  And Haugesund is called the natural gas-center of Norway,  we have huge gas and oil-resources in the North sea.

In Karmöy, our neighbour community, The norwegian organ-festival takes place every september.

Some Norwegian word you will meet:
kirke = church.    kor = choir        Sild = herring
I have not translated them when used in a name ( Skaare kirke, Haugesund kirkekor etc ).
The letters ø and å makes trouble on non-norwegian PC's, I have changed
them with ö and aa.

The Haugesund churchmusic pages:            Other places of interest:

Vaar Frelsers kirke
The Steinmeyer main organ
The Gustavsson choir-organ

NTNU organ pages  Norwegian organs 

Gloger organ in Kongsberg

Organs around the world

Rossabö Kirke
The Jehmlich organ

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Skaare kirke
The Steinmeyer organ

My name is Eirik Hustvedt. I have churchorgans as my hobby, and play them for practice, services, funerals and weddings. And  I am a member of the Haugesund Kirkekor, at the moment chairman. As you understand, church-musical activities take up much of my "spare" time, but it gives me a lot, too!

By profession I am a system consultant, helping local company's with implementation and use of Multisoft accounting and logistic softwaresystems from Visma. 

Here you will find information about my web-pages:

Vaar Frelsers kirke ( Our Saviours church ) in Haugesund celebrated its 100-year's jubilee in 2001, and I have startet collecting churchmusical historic information connected to Haugesund and this church.

These pages started out as an experiment trying to make my own web-pages (with Microsoft Publisher 97). I first made some information about myself, but who is interested in me?

So I got the idea about organ-pages! I told one of the minister's, and his  respons was:  "Who's interested in organs ???"  Time will show!

This 2. edition web-information about some local organs in Haugesund will be further developed in the future. I hope to be able to connect sound files with samples of each of the organs, and they will be frequently supplied with more information of the organs, the new projects and general church-musical history of Haugesund.  I take the pictures myself, but must get a better scanner, as the one I use has to low resolution to give the quality i want.

I chose to write in english because of my own frustration over all the information I find on the net in languages that I dont understand. I apologize for not having full control of the organ-terminology in english ( or english in general ), but promise to adjust descriptions and words when I get aware of changes needed.

Please contact me if you have questions. You can send me

Last changes:  Dec 19th. 2006 ( Have been unable to acces the pages since 1999. Today I made just minor, cosmetic changes)

In 2003, a new main organ from Verschueren Orgelbauw was completed. At the moment (dec 2006), these pages have not been updated with information about this instrument, but it will come shortly.

Click here for some information and pictures giving a good impression of the new 2003-organ.

Steinmeyerorgan in Vaar Frelser      Choir-organ in Vaar Frelser   

NOH-organ in Skaare        Jehmlich organ in Rossabö
Vaar Frelsers kirke      Rossabö kirke      Skaare kirke

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