The X-Files Drinking Game
by Matt Schulte

1 Drink

  • Every time Scully is examining internal organs of a corpse
  • Every time Mulder or Scully gets a call on their cell phone that ISN'T their partner
  • Every time a flashlight that is so bright it requires a car battery is used in a totally dark room
  • If Mulder mentions that something could be paranormal and another character thinks he's joking
  • If Mulder just happens to know some obscure case reference or fact that just happens to be similar to the case that they are working on
  • Any time Muler decides it would be fun to go into a dark place alone
  • Any time Scully brings up some political/scientific fact
  • Any time when Mulder and Scully split up and Scully goes somewhere on a wild goose chase, so that she missed the whole thing and doesn't believe Mulder when he tells her about it

    2 Drinks

  • Every time a mysterious character shows up at the end of an episode to keep Mulder from learning the truth
  • Every time someone knows about Mulder's sister, but won't tell him about it
  • If a computer does something computers don't do ( I actually played this game while watching the episode about the killer computer system... wow)
  • If you see the numbers 11/21, which correspond to the birthday of Chris Carter's wife
  • Whenever Mulder is called by his first name
  • Every time Cancer Man lights a cigarette
  • Every time Mulder mentions his sister's abduction
  • Whenever Mulder eats sunflower seeds

    3 Drinks

  • Whenever Mulder is called "Spooky Mulder"
  • Every time Deep Throat or Mr. X is summoned
  • If Mulder and Scully get into a fight

    4 Drinks

  • If a UFO appears in Scully's presence
  • Whenever someone gets sick during an autopsy
  • If Scully decides it would be fun to go into a dark place alone

    Event Requiring Special Action

  • Mulder and Scully get romantically involved: Drown yourself in your drink.
  • The case is completely solved with no unanswered questions and it ends up that the ghost haunting the house is a guy with a mask trying to decrease the property values and Scooby Doo and the gang end up helping out at the end: Same action.