Bjørn Aas genealogy page
(And therefore just as structured as necessary.)

Feel free to follow my links! Finding roots are fascinating. But it started with a wish to make my (all too early deceased) cousin Ellen Marie Gloppedals great effort easier, after she had found the descendants of our great grandfather Johannes Aas. Already after some months, her scrupulous work needed additions and corrections. Don't you think this family insisted on growing and developing!

I got going in 1989 with an early version of Brothers Keeper, I think, but in the fall 1991 Family Tree Maker version 1.01 was installed. Beautiful printouts sparked other relatives, and soon I had the "shoe-box archives" from several people written in and printed out. And you know; when you first look into it, there are a couple of questions you would like to find the answer to.......

These pages are so far a mix of english and norwegian. I don't apologize for that, because an important part of the people finding these pages use the english language. But sometime, maybe, I will find time to accomodate the linguistic challenged readers as well.

And here are the results so far.

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