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Electric Quilt Project files for downloading 

The following project files are all EQ3 projects - if you want you can easily take them into EQ4 or up to EQ6, just make sure that when you want to open one of these files that previous project files are shown.

All of the following files are Project files are zipped, you have to use a Zip-program in order to open them. 
On Quilt-Design's EQ-site you find EQ4 and 5 projects and lessons


Click on image

Diamond Pineapple #8: "The Faerie Ring"
by Sharon Rexroad-Ericson
No project file available - just an example to trigger off your imagination



 Tessellated Lizards by Suzanne Sanger
zip. prj.file



4 Applique blocks and Radiant Star pattern
by Patti Anderson

EQ-Project file for all applique patterns



Radiant Star - zipped prj. file




Project file from by Christina Fung from Hong Kong
Lanton quilt - zipped project file



Project files from Janice Schelske
Jenna's quilt -
zipped project file



img00023.gif (16389 byte)

Christmas project
zipped EQ project



Christmas project - Ute-Barbara Skjønberg, Quilt-Design Norway

zipped EQ project



Barb Vlack's Palm 5 exercises

Barb Vlack's interpretation 
link to EQ-project zipped file

Link to my own interpretation-project 
zipped file - picture



Ute-Barbara Skjønberg, Quilt-Design Norway
Project with different sized Ohio-stars using Country set.

Link to EQ-project
zipped file


I don't have pictures of the following project files - they are all EQ3 files, but no problem to import them into EQ4!


Barb Vlack's Arabic tiles - Zip.project file 

Barb Vlack's Odd Logs zip. Project file

Barb Vlack's braided border (zipped version) block  

Barb Hamrin's Rhododendron flower! Zip. Project file

Feathered star project file by Carole Fay




A big thank you to all of you for sharing your projects with us!

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