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For years I have enjoyed the wisdom, humor, entertainment and knowledge I have found in the Native American Indian lore, and in their traditionally inspired stories.

Many of these tales have a special place in my mind, and I want to share some of them with you.
To a larger extend than many European fairy tales, these are not mainly for entertainment, although they can be read as such. Mostly they tend to bring knowledge and understanding to the listener, even (and maybe specially) in our troublesome time.
But beware, - there are stories told with wry satire and down-to-earth humor as well.

However much I admire the wisdom, and agree with morals, I only want to understand, and maybe learn from, the American Indians. Too many people today, try to "be" Indian, not realizing that we, the people of other races and cultures, must follow our own way hopefully taking the Native knowledge with us as reminders.

We must also be aware that some legends are considered sacred, and should not be tampered with for any reason. In all aspects we should respect the lore as part of a culture that still honors the elders, and their elders, and their elders, and take care of knowledge lost to others.

To a non-native, like me, it is often difficult to separate the original from copies, and what I present here is to the best of my knowledge genuine.

As is the nature of lore, stories have been handed down orally through the years, been told and retold; naturally changing on the way.
The same story is often found in different parts of the continent, in different tongues, and in different words. This is natural, but may lead people like me to quote, involuntarily, the "wrong" source.

I beg the Indigenous People not to be offended by my mistakes, but tell me about them. I want to learn, and correct what may be wrong.

If any copyrights exists that I am not aware of; please inform and I will correct it immediately.

Arnfin, "a Searching Eagle"
who is extremely grateful to "BamaRiver",
Ray Stark, "Neshoba",
"White Feather", Glenn Welker a.o.

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How the First Stories
Came Out of the Earth


A man returning from hunting found a curious hole in the ground. He looked into it and somebody spoke to him.

The hunter asked who it was.

But the thing did not tell him, only said it was a grandfather (grandfather was how many tribes once addressed a Lenape):
"If anyone wishes to hear stories, let them come here and roll in a little tobacco or a bead, and I will tell them a story."

So the people came. And that is the beginning of the stories which we do not know are true or not.

This grandfather told them never to tell stories after it begins to get warm in the spring.
"If you do," he said, "the snakes, bugs, and all kinds of little creatures will get after you."

From THE WHITE DEER, and Other Stories Told by the Lenape

At One with Nature

(A mail received)

A deep reverence for Mother Earth lies at the heart of the beliefs and traditions of the native nations of North America. Whether for inhabitants of lush, fertile lands, arid desert, ocean shores, or the harsh subartic, nature is the peoples' bountiful provider, and earth the sustainer of life. As seen in the lifeways of ancient hunter-gatherers, trappers, and fishers through centuries of adaptation to new circumstances, homelands, and techniques, a profound respect for earth's fellow-creatures - both philosophical and practical - permeates Native American society.

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