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"A Searching Eagle" presents ;

Mostly pictures.

Graham Greene
At long last they are considered the natural choice
for Native American parts in the movies.
No longer is it accepted that "make-believe"
non-native actors play such parts.

Becoming an important part of the movie world
is well deserved, and certainly timely.
Elaine Miles

First some of my own favorites; especially some of the "pioneers";
those who made it in an all-white world on their own ability and against large odds.

One of the first on the screen was
Chief Dan George (Salish)
already a senior when he started acting.
An expert on droll, ironic, humor
and also known as an author.

Some filmography:

"Little Big Man"
"Outlaw Josey Wales"
"The Bears and I"
"Centennial", the series

In addition to being an acclaimed actor
Floyd Red Crow Westerman" (Dakota)
is well known for his cultural
and educational work as a tutor and lecturer.

Some filmography:

"Dances with Wolves"
"Broken Chain"
"Son of Morning Star"
"Walker, Texas Ranger", the series

The experienced stage actor
August Schellenberg (Mohawk)
an austere, serious Canadian
who has participated in a long row of movies.

Some filmography;

"Black Robe"
"Crazy Horse"
"Free Willy"
"the Death Hunt"

One of the best known today
Graham Greene (Oneida)
has been in many kinds of movies.
He is versatile actor,
and one I hope will go right to the top.

Some filmography:

"Dances with Wolves"
"Broken Chain"
"Last of his Tribe"
"Die Hard - with a vengance"

These pages is just a picture collection
of Native American actors you most certainly have seen on the screen.
Some well known, some gone and some on the way up.


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I cannot vouch for, or guarantee, how genuine they all are.
Some I have accepted on their own say-so.

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