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that Hollywood a.o. would have us believe in.

Mostly picture pages

William "Kirk" Shatner
as half'n'half in
"Commanche Blanco"

Yes, all the actors on these pages has masqueraded as Native Americans in the movies.

Some of them made us just laugh, some made us pity them, some acted fair,
and a few even made us wonder if they were real.
Maybe they were really courageous to do it?
However ... let us, and them, be glad that it is an age (almost) passed.

When you have looked at those "fakes"(*) below,
take a look at the REAL THING here : Native American Actors

(*) If you can prove that any of these actors really are of NA heritage,
I will remove them imediately from this page.

This is a collection of what they look like !

Debra Paget as
"Indian-girl" in several movies,
as in "The Last Hunt"

- These are my "Categories" -

"Pretty Young Ones"
that the boys want to see
"Tough Young Ones"
that the girls want to see
"Deliberate comical"
Did the real ones decline?
"Unintentional comic"
Why did they do it?
"Almost believeable"
and actors doing their best
"and the rest of them"
that I haven't categorized yet
"I Wonder ?"
help me if you have knowledge

Even if those you find on these pages could makes up an entire "tribe",
there are numerous others not yet entered here, who deserves "the honor".
If you have any, I'd be only too happy to get a word, preferably with picture or referance.
NOTE: These pictures has been collected from movieclips and assorted sources.
If anybody claiming ownership or copywrite contacts me,
I will imediately include credit or remove picture.

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