sn2005ba in NGC 3746.

Image data

Date: 03. April 2005
Time: 20:18 UT
Mag. 17.2:CR
Location: Persbuhaugen Observatory, Veggli, Norway. 
Altitude: Approx. 840m above sea level.
Latitude: 6003'17"N
Longitude: 0902'50"E
Conditions: Seeing 3.
Camera: SBIG ST-9. 1x1 binned mode.
Lens: 14" f/11 SCT (C14)
Exposure: 12 x 300 sec summed together for a total of 3600 seconds.
Filter: Unfiltered
Guiding: Paramount ME unguided
Digital enhancements: Dark frame and flatfield corrected. Contrast stretched using MaximDL/CCD before converting to JPEG. 
Notes: Found in NGC 3746 at R.A. = 11h37m42s.58, Decl. = +2200'38".9
Located 14".6 west and 4".0 north of the center of NGC 3746

Photometric reference image


Created 10. April 2005