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Combine Your Grammar and Poetry Skills

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Note: Only poems observing the grammatical categories will be published.


Write a 5-line poem in the following constructivist manner:

  1. On the first line write a noun of your choice
  2. On the second line write two adjectives joined by and to describe this noun
  3. On the third line write a verb and an adverb to describe this noun in action
  4. Start the fourth line with like or as followed by a comparison
  5. Start the final line with if only followed by a wish

Below is an example of such a poem (written by the Norwegian pupil Sven Grüner):

phoney and false
lying desperately
like a mocking bird
if only I had the key to the bird cage

Now it's your turn. Use the white space below to write a 5-line poem of your choice. Whenever you need to, you can call up a search form for Merriam-Webster OnLine (with sound!) to help you look into and/or experiment with synonyms to the words you first chose (opens in separate window). Make changes and decide which version works best. This is great to discuss and actually sculpt your language. Note that you can also copy (parts of) the text you find in the Theasaurus.

The finished poem can be passed on or published in many ways:

  1. mark the poem (use left mouse key, press down and drag your pointer across the text)
  2. use the edit option or Ctrl-C to copy your poem to the clipboard
  3. start a word processor or Notepad and paste your poem into it (Ctrl-V)
  4. or open your browser's mail option (if present), copy the poem and mail it to someone
  5. why not mail the poem to me

Good poems will be published on this website for all the visitors to read!

It is also possible (and fun) to do this exercise in a very low-tech way: Decide on a theme for the noun in the first line. Then let the pupils suggest the subsequent lines, write everything on the blackboard. Make sure you go over the lines again to open up for synonyms, creative imagery and unexpected twists. The next versions will be so much better than first one.

Poems received:

The following poems are published chronologically as I receive them.
Class contributions are placed in "boxes" at the bottom of the page.

long and lonely
walking desperately
like an singing bird
if only I had the key to his heart

By "Baltic Viking" (

Warm and Wonderful
Expecting Impatiently
As A Puppy Waits Its Owner
If Only The Road Wouldn't Be So Long

By Juan Domingo Peron (



confusing but interesting
going gradually
like walking along the road
can be happy if only one had not walk too fast.

By Sujira Kasamsuk" (

Anxious and confusing
Daydreaming foolishly
Like an explosion of my memory
If only roads traveled one way

By Jay Black (


Beautiful and pure

Growing fast

Like a soldier fighting to survive against shots and storms.

 If only I can give one to you, I wish to receive your heart in change.



Strong and persistent

Never surrender

Like a hundred of stars dancing on a cold night.

Of only I give you my heart, I wish you to find a place for it inside of yours.


By Jose Eduardo (



Scary and horrible

Hurting quickly your hearth

Like claws in your arms

If only pain doesn't exist



Black and silent

Breathing behind you

Like monsters on your back

If only darkness could be brighter


By Priscilla Ruiz Palomino Haro (

miserable and painful
marked wounds
like a scar
if only I could make it disappear

Joy and pain
aching heart
like a firecraker wanting to explode
if only I could have you here with me

By Ingrid Padilla (


Deeply Cold and Embracing

Morbidly calling our names

Like a corpse in the middle of the slaughter

leaving us to wish only mercy... If only humans could disappear...



Blinding and Weak

Walking among worthless creatures

Like a cursed fairy inside its blood shell

If only life could be taken away from our beloved spirit...


By Odin Lord of the vikings (


Fragile and black
Seeing sweetly
Like a flower spilling honey
If only these eyes are windows of her soul

Fragile and black
Seeing sweetly
Like a flower spilling honey
If only these eyes are windows of her soul.

Beautiful and sweetly
Inspiring tenderly
Like moon to the night
If only I could have her here beside me, for a while.


By Jorge Arturo Moto (


friendly and far

helping the others to stop crying

like the giant of north America

if only I’d live there I’d die of happiness



funny and hard

hitting the others having fun

like the rudest game on the earth

if only I can play it again


By José ALejandro Lara (

saved and exorcized
testifies brilliantly
like a rain forest moth turned butterfly
Wow! I wish I had her style!

By Bobbie A. Drake (

terrible and enormous
scratching quickly
like a big machine
if i have the machine
By Alvaro Beruben (


Self-deluding and repulsive
Bragging constantly
Like a pigeon with too many issues.
If only I had killed him when I had the chance

By "Adams, Sunshine" (

beautiful and inspiring
waiting desperately
like a bomb
If only I could blow it away

By Sandra Moraes" (

Brave and Strong
fighting courageously
like there is no tomorrow
if I only had the courage that they have

By Stephanie Drake (


colorful and fluffy

shines happily

like a large diamond

if only I could hug it


By Denhi Molina" (


sweet and beautiful
like the the draw toward evening
if only I can feel it for all my eternity.
cold and  snowy
like the end of a story
if only can be sunny again.

By María Fernanda Minakata" <

Intelligent and powerful
Destroying rapidly
like a the fire in the forests
if we were like innocent children
mysterious and scaring
taking people unexpectedly
like a luck ruler
If we could know everything about it.

By Jose de Jesus Muñoz Villanueva

Faithful and funny
Playing happily
Like a boy and his new toy
If only they could speak so we can be friends


Warm and Sweet
Keeping me safe
Like fire in a cold snowed day
If only I could be there forever

By Mauricio Fernandez (


ingenious and combative
creating destructively
like an hungry best
if only I can be reasonable 

Illusionists and false
dreaming happily
like a perfect life
if only they were true
By erick gallegos espinosa (


Blue and clear

Relaxing calm

Like going up to heaven

If only I could be there



Black and scary

Sad and creepy

Like one big red apple that is rotten

If only I could stop it


By Juan Octavio Palazuelos (


bloody and destructive

killing noisely

like a living nightmare

if only this could be over



soft and smooth

tingling my ears

like bells in christmas

if only songs last for ever.


By Diego Cruz (


painful and sick
sofly destroyer
like a killer gun
if only I won't be in a lovers dream

shinny and bightly
shaking slowly in the infinite sky
as a firefly lost in the night
if only I could reach one just for feel it.

By Olivia Sandoval (



bad and cold

destroting all in its way

like a giant bulldozer out of control

if only there were no war


triumphant and glorious

showing off in every way

like an agile bobcat sneaking close to its pray

if only i had a basketball to play 


By Oscar Ruiz (


Received Dec 29, 2002:




My name is Sílvia and I'm a young English teacher from Portugal. I've recently come across your site, and I've found it really interesting. One of the problems I have here is how to motivate students to learn English, so I thought about asking my young students to write something that could be published in your site along with other students work. The theme we've choosen was computers and here are the results.


best wishes,




Sensitive and soft

It sounds magically

Like a woman

If only I could understand them…


By Ricardo Gil and Bruno Dias




Good and bad

It makes everything quietly

Like a ninja

If only it could fight


By Daniel and Luís Chaves



Practical and fast

It thinks fast

Like a bullet

If only it could fly…


By Mário and Nuno



Good and functional

Speedy and good

Like a woman

If only I could kiss her


By Sérgio Miguel and André Dores



Fast and entertaining

It thinks and executes

Like a genius

If only I loved it


By Sérgio and João



Intelligent and slow

It helps a lot

Like a book

If only we knew how to work with it


By Vanuza Santos and Sandra Dias



Fast and useful

I like to connect to the internet

It has lots of information

I which I could work much better with a computer


By Andreia



Intelligent and organized

It speaks


I wish it wouldn’t speak


By Célia Sobreira



Good and bad

When studying

It speaks to me

I wish I could turn it off


By Filipa Carmo



Good and bad

It studies


I wish I could turn it off


By Ílidio



Efficient and quick

At date

It plays

I wish I always had access to it


By Maria Inês



Good and bad

It writes

And organizes everything

I wish I could turn it off


By Carina Carvalho




Slow and dumb

It influences with its games

Like a dog

If only I could smoke it


By Ricardo Pais and Pedro Pereira



Slow and fast

It plays music

Like a radio

If only I could touch it


By Bruno Sampaio and André Ribeiro



Sometimes it is slow but beautiful

It works


I wish I had a new computer


By Bruno Santos


My Computer

Is very big

It works very well

It’s very fast

I wish it spoke


By Sílvia Santos



Fast and beautiful

It does everything


I wish I had one


By Patrícia Lopes



Fast and practical

It works


I wish I had one


By Vanessa



Big and small

It writes


I wish I could write on it

By Ana Catarina



Slow and beautiful

It starts slowly

I wish I would work with a computer


By Cristiana Gomes



Big and dumb

I like it

A lot

I wish it could speak


By Hermingarda



Quick and efficient

It has


I wish I had one


By Suzi Gomes



Practical and intelligent

It works well

Sometimes it works very slowly

I wish I could turn it on faster


By Vânia Guiomar



Small and slow

It works


I wish I had a fast computer


By Ana Filipa




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