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Material for teachers and learners, collected from (mostly) EFL/ESL teachers' pages from all over the world. Admirable and altruistic work.

First, a Trailguide to Creating Dynamic Web Pages, Guidelines for HTML Writers of ESL/EFL Web Pages and NetLearn for all those who want to teach the net or learn about it. Or why not let your learners Create a Basic Instructional Homepage Courtesy of Karla Fritzler.

Next, where to find a job abroad? - specializes in providing the latest language training jobs on our extensive posting service and helps to recruit Instructors in all studies of languages for language training schools all over the world.

Contacts: Communicate and cooperate with fellow learners all over the world: e-mail, virtual communities, meeting places...


First Aid: Pre-fabricated lessons

Projects and themes:

Business English: Writing (and some listening/speaking, too)

Language: Jump Stations:

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