SASMD90 Airport foils

Section of my airport made with the foils


Please feel free to download my airport foils.

Download by clicking the links:


Apron/Tax modified new design     	04-Aug-2007 11:04    316k
Apron new design	 	f2_wide_body_01.doc     02-Apr-2007 19:46    84k

Apron new design 		F2_narrow_park_01.doc   02-Apr-2007 09:26    87k

Runway markings (guide)		airport_markings_par..> 26-Oct-2006 08:48   387k

Airport sounds      02-Mar-2006 16:51   8.0M

Jetbarrier			barrier_ungrouped.doc   26-Dec-2006 11:44    22k

Foilcollection Apron/Tax               01-Feb-2006 10:52   1.1M

Foilcollection Runway              22-Oct-2006 19:06   177k

Terminal soundfile		terminal.wma            18-Jul-2006 10:36   1.7M

Terminal Windows etc.   20-Feb-2006 08:14   1.1M

The foils are made by using Microsoft Word 2000/2003 and Microsoft Excel 2000/2003, but will also work with Microsoft Word and Excel 97. They should work with newer versions of Microsoft Office, and they have been tested and found to work with Open Office.

The foils are made in the 1/400 scale, but can be downscaled to 1/500 during print by printing at 80% - 85% of the original size. Most HP printers offers this functionality .

The foils are best printed by using a color laserprinter at a resolution of 600x600, but a color ink-jet will also do, but ink is more expensive than lasertoner, and laserprinters are getting cheaper.

Sample of composition of foils.