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Yesica-Mariela Guevara er fadderbarnet vårt. Hun bor sammen med moren sin i El Salvador i Sør-Amerika.


Progress and Achievements in the community of Cinco Cedros

In addition to the small daily changes that happen in any family around the world, Yesica-mariela and her family together with their friends and neighbours have worked hard over the last year to improve their standard of living. Participating in community meetings and sharing responsibility for carrying out projects is an important role in the community's partnership with PLAN. 

All their efforts together with your valuable support have made the following projects possible, projects that will benefit the whole community either now or in the future. The attached photograph illustrates one of these projects. 

To address the problem of lack of access to water or deficient water service, which principally affects children, PLAN provides access to potable water, especially in the rural areas, through the introduction or improvement of water systems and the protection of water sources in order to ensure sustainability of the natural resource that water represents. In most cases, this type of project was coordinated with a local NGO, which provided the technical support. In other cases, PLAN coordinated with the local water company. 

Children formulated proposals on how they would like their teachers and parents to educate them, as well as receiving orientation on topics that they have requested in children/youth consultations. The teachers are responsible for guaranteeing that the different meetings are carried out according to the plan of action that is developed with teachers and

Many farmers in El Salvador do not know of agricultural techniques that would allow them to produce vegetables for family consumption at low costs and without contaminating the environment. For this reason, PLAN El Salvador offered training to farmers through this project. Both adults and children participated in the activities and practices carried out in this project, which contributes to an increase in the percentage of farmers with basic knowledge on organic agriculture and environmental protection which lead to improved socio-economic sustainability.


Many youth in El Salvador do not attend school due to economic reasons, lack of motivation, or because they become parents at an early age and desist from attending school. For this reason, PLAN El Salvador awards scholarships to youth in PLAN communities. The youth selected to receive this benefit are primarily those who work as PLAN Communications or Project Administration Committee volunteers. Currently PLAN El Salvador has a group of some 7000 volunteers that are a key factor in program and communications delivery. 

Many children in El Salvador do not complete their primary education, and for this reason, PLAN considers it important to support education efforts with the furniture and equipment that contribute to a more quality education for children in primary school. This project was implemented in different communities where there was a deficit and the community solicited support. 

This project provides community benefits, since all children can access the school. This benefit, depending on the care it is given, can benefit several generations of children. 

Ana Luz Ramirez, community volunteer



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