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The Beatles 

I have wrote about The Beatles to know their story, their background, how they grew up, how they met eachother and how the whole story about the four boys from Liverpool began.

It has been very interesting, and I think I have concidered the mainly points in their career and lifes.

The Beatles (Hunter Davies)
 A video about The Beatles.

John Winston Lennon

John and his motherJuliaWhile the bombs were falling above Liverpool 9 October 1940, a little child came to this world and he was christened immediately as John Winston Lennon. It was his aunt Mimi that chosed "John", and his mothers moment of love to the native country resulted in "Winston".
The 3th of December Johns parents Julia Stanley and Fred Lennon got married at the bailiff. 
Julia worked as a seatbokker in a cinema; Trocadero in Liverpool. Fred was a sailor.
After the wedding, Fred continued to sail in West-Indian and Julia kept her job at Trocadero, and until Fred succeded getting them an apartment, Julia stayed at her parents house.
But then the war started and John was born.

Aunt MIMIWhen John was aproxomently 18 months the shipping company where Fred was an employer suddenly stoped the payment of Freds job to Julia.

No one knew what really happend, they didn`t hear anything from Fred for a long time, but it ended  with Fred back.

But in the main time Julia had met a new man she wanted to marry. A year later Julia and Fred got  divorced. And Johns aunt Mimi took care of John. She and her husband George took care of him like he was their own son, and they never really talked to him about his parents relationship. Mimi wanted to protect him from  problems like that - she just wanted him to be happy. And John was very grateful to Mimi for taking care of him.
John started 1th grade at Doverdale, he had a keen mind, and, according to his teacher, he could if he just wanted to.
As a 17 years old he began to draw his own small comic strips.
The Quarrymen 1956It was in the end of the 1950`s John started his interess for popmusic and this was also the time when the shifflegroup-time began, and soon it was more than 100 shifflegroups - only in Liverpool, and one of them was called the Quarrymen. -It seemed natural, since some boys at Quarrybank etablished it. Those boys were: Eric Griffits - guitar, Pete Shotton - washboard, Len Garry and Colin Hanson  - drums and Rod - banjo. John played the sologuitar.
But his mothers death also brougth him and Paul even more closer, now they had one more experience in common.

John showed his grief in a strange and in many ways a macabre way. He could for example jell to old people he met on the street, or he could say really bad things to functioninhibited people.
He did also draw his grief in some grotesque motives/pictures.

James Paul McCartney

James Paul McCartney was borned 18 June 1942 in Liverpool, in a private ward at Walton Hospital in Liverpool.
James Paul McCartneyHis mother was Mary Patricia Mohin and his father was Jim McCartney. They were both of irish origin.
Pauls family were poor and they belonged tothe workingclass.

Paul and the Qarrymen

Paul, in contary to John, didn`t have any  enjoy of music. Both him and his brother Michael had to take piano - lessons as children, but the profit was like zero. Paul also had to try-sing for the church-choir and the result was the same.
But when Paul got an old drum he started to practice and teach himself different melodies.He got his musicaltalent from his father. Jim McCartney was the only "Beatle-parent" that had any experience as a mucician.
In a age of 14, Paul suddenly wanted a guitar. Paul started to get interesed in popmusic when he was about 12 - like his friends.
Paul and the Quarrymen / The BeatlesThe first popconcert he did experience was when Eric Delaney played on the Empitheatre in Liverpool.


George Harrison

George HarrisonGeorge Harrison is the only "Beatle" which came from a big family and the only one with a normal and undramatical background.
He was the youngest of the four "Beatle" and he was also the youngest of Loise and HHarold Harrisons four children.
George was born 24. February 1943 in Arnold grove 12, Wavertree, Liverpool. Died of cancer nov.2001.
His mother Loise, was buxom, kind and extrovert woman. His father, Harold, was a thin considerable man and he was comfortable with everything he did.
Georges parents had some problems about gettting him into school, because all schools were crowded. And they didn`t succeded to get him into a school before he was six.

George and the Quarrymen

When George was about 14, he suddenly started to jot down guitars everywhere.
George came to his motherr one day and asked for help - a classmate was selling a guitar for £3, (It costed £5 as new), and George really wanted this guitar. And of course Louise would help him.

So now they were three people that tougtht in the same way; John, Paul and George was the permanent core in the Quarrymen. Other members came and diseappered.
In the autum 1960 the Quarrymen went to Hamburg, were they f.i. played at Kaiserkeller. The Quarrymen was now made of John, Paul, George, Pete (Best) and Stu (Stuart Sycliffe).
After about 5 months in Hamburg they lost their work-permit, and they were forced to leave Germany and go home - bankrupty and broked down.
27. December 1960 was the final turning point for the Quarrymen, which now had changed name to "The Beatles".
The posters announced: "The Beatles - directley from Hamburg" when they played in Litherland Town Hall.
With hugh steps The Beatles catched up with Rory Storm and the Hurricans, which was Liverpools best band.
From January 1961, The Beatles played permanent at Cavern - a club in Liverpool, which now is famous because of The Beatles. They played at Cavern 292 times, the first time they earned £5, and the last time they earned £300.
In April 1961 they went on their second tour to Hamburg. Now they were playing at Top Ten and changed their hair and the way they dressed. Stu was the first one with a shaggy fringe, the rest of the Beatle-boys laughed of him for two days, but then George, Paul, Pete and finally John followed.
When The Beatles left Hamburg, Stu quit to become a painter. In 1962 he died of cerebralhaemorrhage. And The Beatles got a new manager; Brian Epstein. Pete Best got fired and Ringo Starr turned up.

Ringo Star

Ringo was borned Richard Starkey and his nickname was Ritchie. He was born 7. July 1940, and is the oldest one in The Beatles.
He grew up in a slum-influenced district. His parents Elsie Gleave and Richard Starkey met eachother when they worked in a bakerystore, and they got married in 1936.
They bought themselves a small house in Madryn  Street.
Ringo was Elsies and Richareds only child, and traditionally he got his fathers name.
Ringos parents got divorced when he was only three years old.
Ringo started at school early, but after the first year he got appendicitris which ended in the stomach/belly membrane. Ringo became very ill and spent a whole year at the hospital.
Ringo and The Beatles  
Ringo didn`t care about music at all and he hadn`t touched any instrument before the big "shifflewawe" came through England. He became a drummer. His stephfather, Harry, bought him his first drumset. It was a seconhanded drumset and costed £10.
The first new drumset Ringo bought costed about £100, and he went to his grandfather to borrow the necessary money.
He paid punctual back, £1 every week. Slowly Ringo walked the same inticate way as the other Beatle-boys, until he one day became a member of Rory Storms band.
Ringo had seen  more of the bright sides of the "poplife" than John, Paul and George, before he became a member of The Beatles.
It was John that called Ringo, and offered him job in The Beatles - thats how they came intouch.


10. April 1970 the worldpress wrote on every firstside in every magazine, news papers and so on that The Beatles were dissolving,



 John also broke up with Cynthia, and he met later Yoko Ono, who he was married to until he died in 1981. He was killed right in front of his wife, outside his house in New York.
He was shot of a "autograph-hunter".
Mark Chapmam asked for his autograph, and when he got it in his hand, he pulled a gun from his pocket and pulled the trigger.






John and Yoko and
Paul and Linda

Europe's most exciting acoustic blues duo!


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